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This Overview Page on Our Global Food Systems Lists 11 Special Topic Pages
Our aim is to offer resources you can study to learn what is really going on
And to give you resources as you find your way to healthy food stability 

We start with this overview from Dr Mercola, an excellent summary assessment
of what is going on with our Global Systems of Food

Get Prepared With Shelf-Stable Food
Dr Joseph Mercola

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Fact Checked July 11, 2022

“It appears we’re in a phase where global systems of food and energy production are
being intentionally dismantled in an effort to force into effect what the World Economic
Forum (WEF) calls The Great Reset and the Rockefeller Foundation calls Reset the

Controlling food and shifting us away from a natural diet is an important part of The
Great Reset. While the destruction of food production is being justified by the Green
Agenda, the real goal is to eliminate naturally-grown foods and replace them with
patented foodstuffs, frequently synthetic

In addition to restrictions imposed by the Green Agenda, nearly 100 food production
facilities in the U.S. alone have also mysteriously burned down since 2021

The U.K. has even issued an “urgent warning” that gardening can cause heart disease by
exposing you to harmful soil pollutants. So, now they’re trying to convince you that
growing your own food is harmful too

Prepare for unavoidable food inflation, shortages and famine by stocking up on nutritious
shelf-stable foods.”

Global Social Transformation

Global Food Systems Overview 11 Individual Pages
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Local Food Systems Grow Our Own Food

Food Resources – this resource link is under development


The plan unfolding …

Great Food Transformation

and the response from humanity …

Greater Food Transformation

Ice Age Farmer Christian Westbrook

Non Compliance in Food System Takeover

Food Security Long Term Food Independence


Here we offer compelling evidence for an Engineered Civilization Collapse …

Civilization Collapse, Food Shortages, Reset the Table

Food Manufacturing Plants Being Destroyed

Food Supply Shutdown Engineered Food Crisis

Global Food Supply the Big Picture Plan

Farming Farmland Multinationals Elites and Technology

Global Social Transformation

An inspired message of empowerment from John Bush
Live Free Now with John Bush
July 21 2022

“The Great Food Reset is underway…and people are going crazy.

Protesters in Panama have been out in the streets for two weeks straight as the price of food has risen to a point where many can barely afford rice.

German grocery stores have been rationing bread, pasta, and cooking oil for weeks now.

Sri Lankan protesters recently stormed the presidential palace amid severe food shortages.

The government in the Netherlands has instituted climate policies that will result in farms being destroyed and massive amounts of cattle being culled.

And here in the United States…
Food banks are already seeing a flood of new families.
Not to mention the rapidly rising cost of food and fuel.

Plus, extreme droughts in places like Texas and Oklahoma – which produces over a quarter of the nation’s beef – are leaving cows with less food to eat and ranchers being forced to cull more of their herd to stay afloat.

THEY – the technocrats hoping to force you to eat bugs, give up your property, live in smart cities, and sacrifice your livelihoods (and even your lives) to “save the planet” while THEY ride in jet planes and limos – are very pleased with what’s happening around the world.

THEY think they’ll win.
THEY believe they can starve you into compliance.
But THEY don’t know who they’re dealing with.

See, the world is not running out of food.
There’s more fertile farmland and ways to grow and raise healthy food than ever.

WE have the power to eat and live in abundance. Because the world and our local communities are full of abundance.

THEY cannot starve us if we don’t let them.

Abundance is our birthright but only if we WORK to maintain it.
Remember, YOU are in control of your own food.
THEY want you to believe that they’ve got you under their thumb.
That they’re orchestrating a perfect plan.
That the outcome is already decided

But their control is an illusion meant to disempower you.

By learning skills of survival, and practicing these skills along with everything else we teach at the Greater Reset, you can move fully into your power as confident, competent, and commanding leaders of your own future.

THEY do not have as much control over your life as THEY want you to believe THEY do.
YOU have more control over your life than YOU believe you do.
If you don’t TAKE CONTROL of your life…then someone else will.

Both because this skill will help you be more prepared than 99% of other folks in this country, and by committing to learning it and using it, your mindset will dramatically shift from one of fear and victim-hood to one of faith in yourself and empowerment.

YOU are free, powerful, beautiful human beings.
Act like it!
Join us in learning life-long skills of survival and food preparedness”

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