Global Warming a Hoax?

Controversy seems rampant, just about everywhere, on so many topics, have you noticed? 

My biggest concern is that it can become so confusing to sort out the issues to get to the truth, that it can lead people to inaction.  Which I wonder sometimes, if that is not the end game after all.  

Global Warming has not escaped the conspiracy trend.  

Global Warming, An Inconvenient Lie is a DVD available, for those wishing to research more on their own. 
It captures the talks given at The 3rd Congress of Freedom Force International in Phoenix, Arizona, Dec 3 2016, where some of the world’s top experts on this subject soundly rejected the theory of man-caused global warming.

As I review the topic description of each speaker, I have these few thoughts to share.

From the overview I see their theme
“soundly rejecting theory of man-caused global warming”
“global warming is a tactic to frighten us into accepting total government as necessary to save the planet.  Without this understanding, the myth makers may seem stupid but, with it, we see that they are very smart in pursuit of their agenda”
I don’t see that they disagree that the planet is warming,
though they contend it is a natural process –
just not sure of their stand on if the trends underway are leading to planet unable to soon sustain human life and if they have any solutions for a warming planet.
I totally “get” their point of using any number of “issues” to activate fear so to gain more control over our freedom.
My stance remains, regardless of the controversy,
it is undeniable we are horribly polluting the planet
and this has to STOP
so the EARTH can begin to repair itself