Grand Solar Minimum

Climate Revolution Solar Minimum

…”Climate Revolution is a ‘Must Read’ for understanding our Sun driven
climate as we progress deeper into the new Eddy Grand Solar Minimum.
Weather extremes leading to Global food scarcity and high food prices are
here now, and this book describes the expected changes, how to survive &
thrive during future challenging times with practical preparations.”–David DuByne


David DuByne interview by Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot

Very thought provoking discussion

Consider this as possibly the Greatest Opportunity in Human History
Some key highlights to help inspire you to watch interview

400 Year Solar Cycle
2000 Year Cycle
12,500 Year Cycle (the Galactic Cross)
How many cycles (or spirals) could be over-lapping … not even known

Look for down steps in global food production – years 2023 and 2028

Discussion also includes Vibrational Shifts that we are about to experience again
Electro Spiritual event that allows for a dimensional shift
The Electric Universe – using electric fields to move around the planet

We are doing more than just repeating cycles – see as spirals
Light vs Dark, Spirituality, Shift in Consciousness, Vibration and Frequency Changes

As we spiral up and come to the Atlantian Cycle repeating, we bring to it a new consciousness
So not ‘repeating the past’ but dealing with it in a different way
This is our opportunity and challenge
See the ‘new’ emerging – and experiencing events never experienced before.  

Old world falling away, help people understand the process underway
Understand the problems and offer solutions.
New ways to think will emerge and new inventions will come from this time.
Mind shift to “help” and not “hoard” – making for enormous opportunities.
Move away from centralized energy management,
Moving into more local energy management

Offer solutions, build the new technology, and THRIVE during these times!
Where creativity with the human spirit can be unleashed.
Key area will be – (especially) for those who can supply “new food growing applications”.
Vertical indoor gardens, as an example.

A mulit decade event.  We won’t be the same.

Think outside the box re:  Methane & Radiation
Methane – how to actually work with it positively
Radiation – could newer technology create it to burn clean
and could the waste be reduced to nothing?

What is being withheld from us?  So many solutions being masked and hidden from us.
Not allowed into the public realm.

Kerry Cassidy asks the question
“what could the end game be for allowing radiation and methane to build up”?
To create a trans-human better able to survive in new environment?

To see this from the lens of Scarcity – is a false model, it is not authentic.
We actually have plenty.

The Wild Card is the Galactic Cosmic Rays coming in and ignites the spiritual aspect
Encodes light and knowledge together

Cosmic Radiation Management and GeoEngineering discussed


Links for Resources

Adapt 2030  YouTube channel for David DuByne

David DuByne website:

Grand Solar Minimum Resources

“Our Sun has begun a 30 year cycle of decreased activity termed a Grand Solar Minimum and known by it’s more common effect “Global Cooling”. The most intense cycles occur roughly every 396 years with a medium cooling cycle every 207 years.

From 2016 forward global temperatures will cool 1.5-3C which will have a dramatic impact on weather patterns and global food production. This is the greatest threat, not the cold itself to the human population. 

List of resources to get you started learning about the past events called the Wolff, Sporer, Maunder and Dalton Grand Solar Minimums. You can look back in history and see how society was affected and now with better science, we can accurately measure the declines in solar output and take measures to adapt our global grain growing strategies for cooler and wetter conditions.”