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Politics Grass Roots Activism


Grass Roots Parties and the Political Landscape

Feb 27 2020
Here we begin to flush out the Political Activism Landscape
With emphasis – not on Political Differences and Political Parties

Instead we place focus on “Being Heart Centered”
And at Heart Plan Vision that means, always doing our “inner shadow work” as needed
“As Within So Without” – the enemy is “not out there” – Look Within

Forgiveness Respect Compassion

We Direct our Activism To
Empowerment of the People
Being sure the citizens are well informed
Respecting we each have different ways of viewing the world
While at same time honoring the HEART and coming from LOVE and JOY
Organizing and reaching out to citizens – what is needed to mobilize people to vote
What is needed so that all citizens have easy access to voting – and accurate voting counts


Politics Grass Roots Activism


Let’s begin the Organizational Structure for Grass Roots Parties – Politics Sector
Here are some Initial Ideas

Develop a Facebook Private Group – and Other Organizing Platforms if they seem better
Identify 3 Individuals that will represent each State in the U.S. (to begin with)

Research the Organizing that went on after Trump was elected
And duplicate and replicate

By the week before the midterm elections, more than 42,000 women had reached out to EMILY’s List expressing interest in running for office, the PAC’s president Stephanie Schriock told BuzzFeed News. In the 2016 election cycle, only 920 women reached out to EMILY’s List for help running.


BuzzFeed News: A Historic Number Of Women Are Running For Office On Tuesday And They’re Already Breaking Records By Ema O’Connor

2018 Midterm Elections Rainbow Wave

And a Sampling of Results from the 2018 U.S. Mid Term Elections!


Politics Grass Roots Activism

Politics Grass Roots ActivismCopy of a Post found on Social Media

Our Facebook Community Page Voting Rights, Campaign Reform, Congress Accountability
Political Landscape Album – with the Facebook Voting Rights Community Page

Greg Palast – Investigative Journalism
An independent journalist who has made it his mission to investigate what he sees as efforts to deny Americans the right to vote.
Black Box Voting
Bev Harris is an American writer, activist, and founder of Black Box Voting, a national, nonpartisan elections watchdog group.

Politics Grass Roots Activism


Volunteer Activities Suggestions – Organize Resources Posted to Social Media
Review the Facebook (FB) Community Page and organize all the posts and material posted
Facebook Community Page Voting Rights, Campaign Reform, Congress Accountability
Pull the information off of Facebook – look for themes that emerge from the material

In particular look for the FB posts made during 2018 Mid Term Elections Regarding
Educational efforts training people to Run for Office – there were more than Emily’s List
Highlight the Amazing results of Women of Color winning Congressional Seats
Run Ads – in all mediums – about these successes & vision – TV, Internet, Radio, Billboards

Voting Rights


Politics Grass Roots Activism


Issues to Identify and Strategize Beyond Current Efforts Identified
How to have fair, in-partial JUDGES
Voting Rights
How to inspire people to vote – by growing a healthy political landscape
Town Hall Meetings

Politics Grass Roots Activism


Politics Grass Roots Activism


Kindle Book in the “15 Reads Series”
Write and publish book on Grass Roots Organizing Within Politics
Develop it into a Series on Voting Activism, welcome co-authors on this project

Explore Voting Activism with the Youth

Dalai Lama Educate Children Hearts


Politics Grass Roots Activism


How this Project Links with Heart Plan Vision 111 Radical Projects Book

Here is one early idea

Politics Town Hall Meetings

Visions for a Heart Centered World
A Facebook Album of Shema’s

#1 Vision
“Town Hall Meetings
Those Elected Listen & Act
on People’s Input & Give
Updates on Progress”

Project Sectors: Politics, Governance, Activism

Center for Food Safety
Get Active! Find a Town Hall Near You
Now more than ever it is imperative to be engaged and informed on the various issues facing our food system and the environment.

Info Graphic on Find a Town Hall Near You – available to download as PDF

Politics Grass Roots Activism