Grass Roots Parties

This vision first came to Shema back at the inception of Heart Plan Vision

Grass Roots Parties
Small local gatherings where specific topics are taken on
and worked on to fully flush out implementation
Within the larger network of Heart Plan the options for collaborations expand easily
Also bring in students, elders, artists, activists, and more

Ultimately each of the 111 Radical core projects of Heart Plan would have a Grass Root Party


Coming soon to this section
We shall review original notes from 30 years ago
And share here
The design concept of Heart Plan, at the time
Of sectors to create

Grass Roots Parties
Video Nights (this idea was long before MoveOn and others began hosting video nights)
One World Systems Change (this is not! the New World Order control vision of the elites)

Also to be added
Screen shots of original flyers created
To start showing the evolution of an idea