Headlines To Ponder

Here we shall list Headlines in the News that are topics for Heart Plan Vision to deepen explorations on, and as Project ideas spring forth from these Headlines, we shall list links to the pages where we flush out ideas


“The 5 Richest Men in the US Have a Staggering Combined Wealth of $435.4 billion.  That’s more than 2% of America’s GDP.”
Just imagining how much good could be done in the world to get life moving in a sustainable direction, if just a few billionaires donated large sums to a “Planetary Uplift Plan”.

There are some examples.  We shall list them as they are identified.
How Might these examples stimulate our potentialities?
Let’s ‘think out of box’, be inspired by these examples,
and explore radical ways to leverage what the potential there is in ‘redirecting wealth’
Dream Big!

Patagonia’s Billionaire Founder To Give Away the Millions His Company Saved from Trump’s Tax Cuts to Save The Planet   Nov 29 2018

This is an example of a Heart Plan Vision Project inspired by this. 
We call it “the Billionaire Redirect Project”