Healing Wisdoms

Here is a lovely collection of healing wisdoms
gained from conversations, interviews and books


On Healing, Discernment, Grace and Helping Another

We don’t have to heal all at once
Be discerning who we open to.  Our core nervous system is liken to building a muscle. 
It’s tenderness can bring up the instinct to withdraw, isolate.  Stay close to self.
We isolate because our tender heart hurts so. 

In the desire to help another
Be attentive, what are they actually asking for?
And what is your agenda imposed upon them?
“Give it over.”
Affirm for the other “I know you are powerful.
I don’t have to do this for you.”

Just “naming it” what is going on, is powerful.
Nothing to do sometimes, except to name it. 

Let the Light in, Let the Love in
Let life show me the genuine way of Love and Grace

Love, Respect, Kindness

(in conversation Shema with Trinity Siplia)

and inspired by this conversation
Shema created a Facebook Album
“Kindness Respect Gentleness”


John Newton – Health Beyond Belief

Breathe into the body sensations
No need to necessarily name them
Merge into them
A mysterious grace enters in