Health and Healing of Humanity Overview

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YOU! BE the best advocate for your own health and well being,
You are your own inner authority, discern and research, find the truth

Since 2020 We have been researching and gathering vital information
With the intention to shed Light, Truth and Awareness on the Bigger Picture
For the reasons for global lockdowns and terrorizing Earth’s peoples
with great fears of pandemics

In this Overview topic of Health and Healing of Humanity
We offer a range of subjects to help in your broadening scope of understanding

Through awareness comes greater empowerment
It is our hope and intention that these resources help you
To do even deeper studies and research of your own
Coming up with your own assessments
And furthering your commitment
To you being the best advocate for your own health and well being

A Century of Rockefeller Medicine

America Is A Hospital

Save the Children

Children of Quarantine

Covid Deepening the Spiritual

Life Is Meant To Challenge Us

Embracing Uncertainty

Hacks for Working At Home

Nano Soma
(Nature Meets Nanoscience)

Transcendent Music Uplift Frequency

What If There Where No Future? by Peter Russell

Pandemic Inspired Poetry and Reflections

Daily Quotes

Books Videos & Music Relevant to These Times