Heart Centered Leaders and Educators

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What are Heart Centered Leaders?


Larger movements, projects and messages

These need to have a heart-centered LOVE perspective as a primary message



Some criteria we am considering – looking for some of these qualities in the individuals

Heart-Centered – we explore what is really meant by that
Non-judgemental as much as is humanly possible
Compassionate in understanding we all are at different levels of seeing the larger picture

Certainly not elitist (elite meaning a sense of feeling superior to others and greater privilege)

It is wonderful if these “heart centered leaders” have done enough shadow work,
– so not to “talk-down” (from a feeling of superiority or know better than the other)
Having faced many fears within, they have a softer compassion for others

We also look for an ability to touch into kindness while being deeply in touch with truth speaking

Of course, being a human in process, not looking for perfection in these areas, but at least focus on awakening these qualities.


Global Social Transformation



Favorite Interviewers

LondonReal.TV with Brian Rose
Broadcasting podcasts with aim to lower the hate in world and empathize more
Shema favorite are his interviews with Gregg Braden


Unicus Magazine – Interviews by Robert Stanley
Robert Stanley YouTube Channel


Simulation – Interviews by Allen Saakyan
Simulation YouTube Channel


Global Social Transformation

Create Global Healing

Mission:  Create Global Healing is a nonprofit organization striving to light the spirit of hope, healing, dignity and peace for traumatized young adults in war-torn countries by providing trauma healing, heart-centered leadership and economic sustainability support, as well as providing inspirational connections between these young people, US students and humanitarians we serve. We believe that global healing will take place through compassionate, heart-centered experiences that foster the understanding that we are all connected as global citizens desiring the same things – to love and be loved, to live a meaningful life and to have a bright, peaceful future.

Create Global Healing – nurturing our next generation of young people to heal, work and lead us into a peaceful future


Global Social Transformation


These Individuals we have Separate Pages for Each Person

David Icke

Marina Jacobi


Global Social Transformation


Awards for Innovators

Social Entrepreneurs Driving Large Scale Change
The Skoll Foundation drives large-scale change by investing in, connecting, and celebrating social entrepreneurs and the innovators who help them solve the world’s most pressing problems.


Global Social Transformation