Heart Centered Perspectives

One thing that the indigenous peoples of the world have taught me

is that before any important ceremony,

it must be connected in love with Mother Earth,

and then with the Heavenly Father

and through this experience,

ultimately with the Great Spirit, O God.


It is no different

when one is about to enter

the sacred space of the heart,

otherwise this space will remain difficult to reach

— Drunvalo Melchizedek

Global Social Transformation

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Don’t Give Any Attention to the Egoic Mind

This Person, Personality
Does Not Work on it’s own, it never has really
It must be baptized in the HEART, then it can become beautiful

Quote from a YouTube video
Don’t Give Any Attention to the Egoic Mind – Mooji



Now Is the Time

“Now is the time to move beyond the dominance of the rational mind,
move beyond fear to a love-based existence.
Now is the time to discover who you really are:
A physical body, but so much more.
Now is the time to break free from the bonds of the box of beliefs.
Now is the time to accept your vast nonphysical self.”

Caltous with Mark Kimmel
Thank you to Cosmic Paradigm for use of this quote.