Homeless Crisis to Affordable Housing

Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

At End of this Page is a Heart Plan Perspective/Contribution
The San Francisco Bay Area (California) is our point of focus here


How Poor People Survive in the USA – Documentary
Homeless in the East Bay in San Francisco Bay Area, California
‘Moms 4 Housing’ is going to buy #MomsHouse Through Oakland Community Land Trust!
Nonprofits, Resources, Consortiums
University Students ‘Graduate Thesis Projects’
Heart Plan Vision Perspective/Contribution on Ending Homelessness
Our Vision at Heart Plan Vision on “Homeless Crisis to Affordable Housing”

Homelessness, Global Social Transformation


How Poor People Survive in the USA / DW Documentary

A documentary available on YouTube – 42 minutes in length

“Homelessness, hunger and shame: poverty is rampant in the richest country in the world. Over 40 million people in the United States live below the poverty line, twice as many as it was fifty years ago. It can happen very quickly.

Many people in the United States fall through the social safety net. In the structurally weak mining region of the Appalachians, it has become almost normal for people to go shopping with food stamps. And those who lose their home often have no choice but to live in a car. There are so many homeless people in Los Angeles that relief organizations have started to build small wooden huts to provide them with a roof over their heads. The number of homeless children has also risen dramatically, reaching 1.5 million, three times more than during the Great Depression the 1930s. A documentary about the fate of the poor in the United States today.”


Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

Homeless in the East Bay in San Francisco Bay Area, California
Looking at Oakland in Particular

Recent news have helped to highlight the crisis in Oakland, CA.
January 14 2020
Homeless mothers evicted before dawn from Oakland house, highlighting crisis
(see update below!)

“Oakland faces a dire housing shortage and an explosion of homeless encampments under freeways, in public parks and on city sidewalks. The city saw a 47% increase in homelessness in just two years, and 3,210 homeless people are unsheltered, according to a point-in-time count.”

“Of course, it is disappointing … that we’ve had the highest increase, at least in the Bay Area,” said Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf. “It shows that we need to do more; we need to do things differently and we need to act with a sense of urgency that is greater than anything we’ve seen in the past.”
“Oakland’s homelessness rate is now 940 per 100,000 population,
slightly higher than San Francisco, at 906,
and Berkeley, at 898.”

“We have a one-size-fits-all model, and it’s not working, and it’s contributing to the homelessness crisis,” said Margaretta Lin, the executive director of Just Cities/the Dellums Institute. “I think what troubles me is we are not devoting enough of our new affordable housing stock to be affordable to people who are currently unhoused, or the working poor.”

“Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley agreed that the county and cities have a lot of work to do to eradicate homelessness by their set goal of 2024.”  “It’s clearly a short-term solution to have the safe car parking, to try to have the cabin communities, to try to support sanctioned encampments,” he said.

“Miley said he was committed to building affordable housing for all income levels at a faster pace. Monday’s meeting was the first time that mayors from all of the county’s cities and the Board of Supervisors convened specifically to address the homelessness epidemic, a gathering that Miley said was a good first step. He said the group was looking to begin meeting quarterly to evaluate progress on the issue.”

Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

Moms 4 Housing to Buy Oakland Home

Wonderful update on above article on 4 Homeless Moms Arrested in Oakland.
A brilliant organizing effort for the essential cause of sheltering our fellow humans.
Thank you Carroll Fife, and the moms for putting yourselves on the line like you did.
The good news announced on Martin Luther King Jr Holiday – how appropriate!
January 20 2020

Moms 4 Housing is going to buy #MomsHouse Through Oakland Community Land Trust!
“This is what happens when we organize, when people come together to build the beloved community,” said Dominique Walker. “Today we honor Dr. King’s radical legacy by taking Oakland back from banks and corporations.” #ReclaimMLK  #WeStandWithTheMoms

We have not been able to find a larger copy of this for a better read. 

Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

Nonprofits, Resources, Consortiums

Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment

The Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) Action is a grassroots, member-led, statewide community organization working with more than 15,000 members across California. ACCE is dedicated to raising the voices of everyday Californians, neighborhood by neighborhood, to fight for the policies and programs we need to improve our communities and create a brighter future.

Change from the bottom up: We take seriously our commitment to ground-up organizing to build a strong people’s movement that can create transformative community change. Our local neighborhood chapters and issue committees, led by ACCE Action member leaders, meet regularly to strategize and plan campaigns. Central to this work is the belief that there’s power in numbers and in collective action – ACCE Action members and their allies frequently “take to the streets” with rallies, town halls, and other actions to make their voices heard.


Oakland Community Land Trust, a nonprofit that acquires land for affordable housing


San Francisco Homeless Project
“The Chronicle is leading the SF Homeless Project, a consortium of media organizations focusing on the seemingly intractable problem of homelessness. Progress has been made, but problems remain.
Here are highlights from topics addressed in 2019
The Chronicle will again (it’s 4th year) join with other Bay Area news outlets in the SF Homeless Project, a media collaboration exploring causes and solutions to our regional homelessness crisis.
July 28: We answer your questions on homelessness and offer a guide to ways you can help.
July 29: The Chronicle assesses the effectiveness of a San Francisco program that offers homeless people a bus ticket home.
July 29-31: Our Fifth & Mission podcast tackles the issue of homelessness.
July 30: San Francisco Mayor London Breed and an expert panel discuss homelessness at the first of two public events.
July 31: The Chronicle presents an in-depth report, “24 Hours of Homelessness.”
Aug. 8: San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and an expert panel discuss homelessness in front of a live audience.”


Blessed Unrest
by Paul Hawken
“The book is about the many non-profit groups and community organizations, dedicated to many different causes, which Hawken calls the “environmental and social justice movement”.  Hawken explains that this is a diverse movement with no charismatic leader. The movement follows no unifying ideology, and is not recognized by politicians, the public and the media. But, Hawken argues, it has the potential to benefit the planet.”


Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

University Students ‘Graduate Thesis Projects’

University of San Francisco
Masters of Nonprofit Administrative Degree

Preventing Homelessness in Oakland, California
by Jackie Downing

“The purpose of this project is to contribute to the development of solutions to the growing homelessness crisis in cities like Oakland, California. The research, analysis and recommendations in this paper center on prevention as a strategy for decreasing the number of people becoming newly homeless. The paper begins by summarizing what is currently known about homelessness, who it impacts and who is most at risk. It then examines prevention as a strategy for reducing homelessness. From here itassesses the state of homelessness prevention in Oakland, drawing attention to gaps in the social safety netthat are contributing to the rapid increase in unsheltered homelessness. After describing the challenges and opportunities in preventing homelessness, the paper concludes with a set of specific recommendations that coupled with other interventions could help to reduce homelessness in Oakland.”


Homelessness, Global Social Transformation


A consortium is an association of two or more individuals, companies, organizations or governments with the objective of participating in a common activity or pooling their resources for achieving a common goal

Homelessness is defined as living in housing that is below the minimum standard or lacks secure tenure. People can be categorized as homeless if they are: living on the streets; moving between temporary shelters, including houses of friends, family and emergency accommodation; living in private boarding houses without a private bathroom and/or security of tenure

Sister Cities
“Sister cities or twin towns are a form of legal or social agreement between towns, cities, counties, oblasts, prefectures, provinces, regions, states, and even countries in geographically and politically distinct areas to promote cultural and commercial ties”

The ability to influence situations or people so that you can increase possibility of goal being reached

Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

Heart Plan Vision Perspective/Contribution on Ending Homelessness

Continue to track articles on the issue, highlighting progress and challenges.

Refer to Heart Plan Vision Pictorial Glimpse of Our Times
For highlighted Solutions and Good News on helping the homeless crisis
(note to do – cross reference them here)

Where can we find Assessments of the homeless condition in all counties
in United States?

Is there a database that tracks current numbers – if not, can one be created?
In this database, also cross reference Goals and Targets each County has
to end the homeless crisis.

Community Visioning Engagement – Creative Mind Storming Sessions
On Grass Roots level, in each county, have community gatherings led by skilled facilitators
Come up with Ideal Vision for their county and their specific needs unique to their area
Show the group, and discuss, models from around the world, as to solutions
Have these solution examples help to Expand and Enliven the Possibilities for their Vision

Review what Goals and Targets other counties have in place
Example:  Alameda County, CA goal is to eradicate homelessness by 2024

Identify Nonprofits in San Francisco Bay Area working on “Housing-Focused” Approach
Marin Community Foundation’s $917 million Buck Family Fund
“… the foundation’s total funds have seen a dramatic increase to $2.2 billion following the 2017 tax overhaul and local agencies addressing homelessness look to the foundation for funding to shift to a new “housing-focused” approach …”

Find a good database listing out Newspapers, TV News and Internet News Sources in United States
Encourage news outlets to get organized so they have ‘Ongoing Frequent Updates and Highlights of Progress and Challenges with Homeless Crisis’.
Include in these updates lists and ideas of Volunteer Opportunities.
Identify Grass Roots Organizing Needs to help give local residents ideas for ways to get involved.

Education on How to Prevent Homelessness
& Recognize the Early Signs of Vulnerability to being homeless
Particular emphasis on vulnerable populations and dealing with rising rents in urban areas
… veterans, the poor, the unemployed, the mentally ill, foster children

Strategize for Identification and Creation of Sister City Projects and Meet Ups
Share Challenges, Successes, Visions and Resources for Eradication of Homeless for All The World

Encourage and Track Students Engagement on Issue of Homeless Crisis
High School, College & University Students
Research projects & Thesis Projects
Volunteer projects and opportunities and how to tie in with school credits towards degrees
Degrees related – “Master of Nonprofit Administrative Degree”
What classes in school are addressing the homeless crisis
Identify Social Media sources where students are engaging on this issue
What collaborations are underway and what possibilities are there for further networking
What art, dance, music, film and theatrical projects are helping bring awareness to the homeless

Group Meditation on Focused Intention on Housing for All
See research and article on The Maharishi Effect
We Can Literally Reduce Crime Through Meditation

Stretch our Imaginations
Envision a world that works for all
Health, Prosperity, Love   

TV Ads & Facebook Ads
Run TV Ads and Facebook Ads on Visions for Housing for All
Start uplifting the narrative
Direct people to news sources actively giving updates on the homeless crisis and solutions
and ways local residents can get involved to be part of the solution


Homelessness, Global Social Transformation

Our Vision at Heart Plan Vision on “Homeless Crisis to Affordable Housing”

The more awareness there is of the issue of homelessness
The more awareness of what is being done
The more awareness of good news solutions underway, both temporary and long term
The more awareness of local ways for residents to be engaged as part of solution

All of these elements, and more not even mentioned,

So that we can, together, build our desired new future
In much less time, than ever imagined possible before


Homelessness, Global Social Transformation



Homelessness, Global Social Transformation