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“Sheroes United is all about supporting people in overcoming Trauma in the areas of Human Trafficking and Domestic Violence. Sheroes was founded by Celeste Gleave, who saw a need with Women Warriors needing support in the areas of domestic & sexual abuse. We pride ourselves on effecting change by focusing on Empowerment, Advocacy & Education.”

Global Social Transformation
Child Sex Slavery
“It is the fastest growing International Crime Network
that the world has ever seen. 
It has already passed the illegal arms trade
soon it is going to pass the drug trade. 
Over 10 million children a year
are being sucked into the deepest recesses of hell. 
If we do nothing, someday,
it will reach the likes of you.”
from the trailer “Sound of Freedom”
Global Social Transformation
Sound of Freedom film pic
That this film
Open Doors Like Never Before
That this film changes the heart and soul of America
And the children that will be saved
Global Social Transformation
Jim Caviezel and Angel Studios CEO Neal Harmon dive into Sound of Freedom and discuss why this film is a catalyst for change.
Global Social Transformation
“Sound of Freedom” – Opened in theaters July 4 2023
Angel Studios – link for buying tickets and look for a theater near you
Global Social Transformation
Jim Caviezel (“The Passion of the Christ”, “Frequency”, TV’s “Person of Interest”) stars in the new film “Sound of Freedom” in theaters July 4. The movie is based on the life of Tim Ballard, a former U.S. government agent turned real-life hero who becomes devoted to rescuing children from human trafficking. On this episode of KeepTheFaith’s Contagious Influencers of America podcast, Jim and Tim sit down with nine-time Emmy winner David Sams to discuss how this suspenseful action thriller came to be with the help of Angel Studios and how to make a difference in the lives of the 2 million children being trafficked each year. This is a difficult, but important story and you can help. Find out more at
Global Social Transformation
Global Social Transformation
Based on the Powerful True Story – these are notes from 2020
It didn’t come to theaters until after lockdown ended – July 2023
Jul 30, 2020
Global Social Transformation

Sound of Freedom Endorsement compressed

UFC’ѕ Dаnа Whіte endorѕeѕ ‘Sound of Freedom’: ‘You muѕt ѕee thіѕ movіe’

UFC’ѕ Dаnа Whіte (Ultіmаte Fіghtіng Chаmріonѕhір рreѕіdent) enсourаged аll of hіѕ followerѕ on Sаturdаy to ѕee “Sound of Freedom,” іnѕіѕtіng thаt іt “muѕt” be ѕeen.

In ѕuррort of the fіlm аnd іtѕ toріс, the Ultіmаte Fіghtіng Chаmріonѕhір рreѕіdent рoѕted а vіdeo to hіѕ Twіtter ассount enсourаgіng everyone to ѕee the movіe whіle even offerіng free tісketѕ for hіѕ emрloyeeѕ.

He сontіnued, “And whаt I’m goіng to do іѕ I’m goіng to gіve аny of my UFC emрloyeeѕ thаt wаnt to ѕee thіѕ movіe free tісketѕ to go аnd ѕee іt. I would lіke to enсourаge other exeсutіveѕ to do the ѕаme іn theіr сomраnіeѕ.”

Global Social Transformation
These were notes from 2020
We await the release of a very important film, The Sound of Freedom
Below are links to the movie website and trailer
and also an interview with Tim Ballard,
whose work to liberate children from sex slavery
is the focus of the feature film, The Sound of Freedom.
Also, there are a few additional short interviews with Jim Caviezel.
Additional note:  Juan O Savin is working with the lead actor, Jim Caviezel,
to plan out the best release strategy for the film.
Jul 29, 2020
“Tim Ballard is a former undercover operative with the CIA and spent over a decade working as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security. He was assigned to the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force and deployed as an undercover operative for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.
Tim has worked every type of case imaginable in the fight to dismantle child trafficking rings. Ballard has worked undercover in the United States and in multiple foreign countries to infiltrate child trafficking organizations. In this effort, he has successfully dismantled dozens of these organizations and rescued countless children from sex slavery. He has trained hundreds of law enforcement officers and has testified before the United States Congress on best practices to liberate children from sex slavery.
Tim Ballard is currently the CEO of Operation Underground Railroad, an organization that fights to dismantle child trafficking rings and rescue kids all over the world. Tim’s efforts are now being depicted in a feature film called Sound of Freedom.
This was not an easy conversation, and some of you might find this information disturbing, but it’s so important. To those of you who think this issue may not hit close to home … it does, in more ways than you know. We need to educate ourselves on this issue so that we can protect our loved ones and help others around us.
Please join me on Episode 986 to learn about what you can do to fight child sex slavery with Tim Ballard!”
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