Intelligent Revolt

Global Social Transformation

I said to a friend I am for Intelligent Revolt but not Violence,
and he wondered what I meant by Intelligent Revolt.

Let’s explore that here.  The particular revolt being discussed here
is in regards to 2020 Mass Global Shutdown and Mass House Arrests Essentially
Marshall Law unfolding

The Dark State strategy is brilliant indeed,
infusing global populace
with Mass Fear and Distrust of Each Other

and so many are buying into it

But they will find out
Will they not?
In the end
Trying to act as God
And being God
Are not the same

At least in this timeline
As our gorgeous beautiful Earth Mother Gaia
Lifts her Frequency

An intelligent revolt
Embodies boldly and bravely,
and with integration of the shadow,


Global Social Transformation

AND – Since Starting This Page – We Have Also Begun this Page

Global Social Transformation

First and Foremost, Know Your Source
Who you are truly

and Your Oneness with Source Creator
Infinite Love


Whatever spiritual truth works for you
Be sure that it leads you
As you traverse through this Plandemic
We are so much more
Than this human duality experience we are having

THEN Start to Question Passionately, Bravely and Courageously
Be able to answer well, from your heart,
When children from 7 generations in the future ask you
What did you do during these times of the Divide
The year the whole world was dosed with the Opportunity
To Take the Red Pill

Pandemic Research

Also know that FEAR is the greatest element that makes one
vulnerable to Pandemics

Global Social Transformation

The Red Pill

Take the Red Pill – This is our Page on The Red Pill and Corona

Global Social Transformation

Newbies and How to Get Up To Speed Fast
Out of Shadows Documentary


8 min Yes! Corbett Report
Know what your Line In the Sand Is
I clearly reject this evil underway
Red Pill Blue Pill
Do your research, please.
This is a planetary group effort underway.
Global Social Transformation

Magenta Pixie 3 Point Plan from Galactic Core

We don’t have any more time PLEASE RISE NOW!
Best Video Yet!
Take the Red Pill with Love and Right Action and Courage
Pandemic No Consent
Brilliant Interview tying together,
How to awaken rapidly – newly awakened to dark world
Huge learning – we no longer have the luxury of time
Do it now
Simon Parkes and Becky bring in Magenta Pixie (bringing in powerful message!)
Simon wanted this to be coming from important feminine perspective
and mentioned, The Laura Eisenhower video “Message to the Dark Controllers
And also discussing anchoring in with daily group meditations
coming from heart center – waves around the globe
BE The tide of change – they share link to Bruce Lipton video
It is time to stand up, feel the reality of the dark controllers,
integrate in the shock, and say No MORE!
open heart and integrate to unity
Global Social Transformation
Global Social Transformation

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Global Social Transformation

Shema Corona Research

Special webpage on Research Resources specific for exploring various possible
Big Picture Scenarios that could be underway – including INDEX to all the related Research Pages Shema is preparing for public consumption.

Pandemic A Pictorial Guide

Global Social Transformation

Covid Theories – webpage continually being updated


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Some Additional Resources

Global Social Transformation

Social Global Awakening

Global Social Transformation

FACEBOOK PAGES Useful for Research – created by Shema

Electro Smog, GMO’s, Vaccines, Radiation & Chemtrails
Global & Ecological Issues of our Times
Heart Plan Vision Portal Project IDEAS
Projects for Solving the Huge Global Challenges

Global Social Transformation

Pandemic 5G

Global Social Transformation

Global Social Transformation

A Sampling of “Research Sources” Pages In Development
Updates Listed on this Page
Research Sources

Intelligent Revolt
Elements for Mass Awakening
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Global Social Transformation