Ismael Perez Starseed Cosmologist

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Ismael Perez’s book, Our Cosmic Origin, published in 2021
At which time he started to gain attention,
and has been giving lots of interviews since then.
Here are a few notes, see what rings true for you.
Interesting info.
I look forward to the time
when I’m able to verify these galactic perspectives.
I’m certainly preparing for a 5D existence.
I do resonate with his message,
that we starseeds came here to help save Earth.
–  Shema

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Ismael Perez
Starseed Cosmologist

Ismael discovered his ancient mystical powers as a young immigrant child when he began to use telekinesis. Before he could fully embrace his role as a cosmic ambassador, Ismael went through a dark night of the soul that led him to discover his true life purpose as a Divine Starseed from the Lyra Constellation.

Able to channel celestial downloads from distant star systems and multi-dimensions, Ismael spends his time as a galactic historian teaching classes on Starseed Cosmology. He is the author of the acclaimed book “Our Cosmic Origin,” which explores the extraterrestrial ancestry of the human race and the coming Golden Age of the New Earth.

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Our Cosmic Origin: Knowledge in Preparation for the Ascension of Planet Earth

by Ismael Perez

Summary on Amazon “In this new and exciting book you’ll find out the true history of earth as it connects to the suppressed history of our galaxy. In a way where science, philosophy and spirituality finally come together as one. You’ll come to understand the true origin of our species, our cosmic ancestry as it relates to endless worlds, other dimensions and multiple universes.

I will open up your eyes about earths place in the multiverse and about a greater organization of cosmos that is being orchestrated by the multiple councils that exist on every level from the central universe to the local planetary systems.

Most importantly, you will have a better understanding of our reality in terms of evidence that is currently being suppressed by a controlled Academia and scientific consensus.”

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Ismael Perez, Melissa & Mary [WHO ARE THE 144,000?] Break free from the evil program
Nov 13 2022

Here are some brief notes from this interview, giving a sense of topics covered.
Ascension is mostly a process of Remembering
In 5D, we won’t be effected by AI (Artificial Intelligence) but we will be aware of it.

11min Ascending into new timeline,
Some of us are already there consciously
First we ascend through our mind.
Once we do that, our body follows.

For the collective, it is a matter of hitting that critical mass
Ismael guesses it requires 10% to be there mentally
In order to cause the shift for everyone else to be in 5th Dimension
and unity consciousness reality

Note:  Shema is working with the concept of The New One Percent Movement
Our resource page gives the back up references
Whether it is 1% or 10%
The reality is we are building momentum for a mass awakening
This is for sure

Ismael speaks of a coming Solar Flash
At which time our bodies will be transforming
The sun is intelligent
Once enough of us are awakened mentally
That’s when the sun is going to transform
Releasing the final signal to transform us in this physical reality

Ismael thinks we are at about 9.7% now, we’re almost at the 10%
Maybe next summer or fall 2023

The solar flash will mark the end of the dark age and beginning of the 5th golden age
A system will be implemented that is workable for everyone

14 min
Angels helping
Matter is a vibrational frequency at different rates, depending on density

Council of 12
And now Council of 13
Head of high federation councils

Council of 9
Council of 5
Govern different realms

We are the 4th seeding, the final seeding
Ascension of our species is now
Pleiadians and Lyrans are our grandparents

We have been taught lies, and there is much to unlearn
The power elite are really trying to push the AI timeline

27 min
2nd edition of Ismael’s book is coming out

Twin Flames
Every starseed has a twin flame
Symbolic respresentation of the
Union of the Cosmic Christ
With a Cosmic, Sophia
Coming back into balance and integration

28 min
Monogamy is up to the 5th and 6th dimensions only
After that it’s more a collective consciousness

31 min
Our empowerment comes when we
Command, Willing, Invoking
The help of our spiritual family, spiritual group that is part of our team
They are waiting for us to invoke them
And set intention for them to the work for us, to help us
Even the archangels are meant to serve us

Who are the 144,000?
They are the core of the starseed nations
To help usher in the 5th Golden Age
They are indeed living among us

Ismael claims wi-fi and towers only effect 2 strand humans
We have 3 &4 DNA strands
Some even have 5 stands

Disclaimer from Shema,
personally I shall continue to take precautions

against Wi-Fi, 5G, 6G, Cell Towers, Smart Meters
and all things Smart Cities
Until such time as real proof comes forth
They are no longer concerns
I invoke the Precautionary Principle on this one
Not only for health but also for privacy!

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Oct 7 2022

4 min Instagram post by Ismael
The splitting of timelines is upon us.
Let go of all the fear and only focus on the things
that you would like to see unfold in the new earth.
A new earth is rising.

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TRANSPARENCY: An Open Discussion w/ Ismael Perez
Jason Shurka
Aug 30 2022

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