Karen Kingston

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Karen Kingston
is a biotech analyst with over 20 years of experience. She’s a contributor to discussion forums and news media with US and global doctors, scientists, and attorneys on the biological effects of the COVID-19 gene editing injections.

Support the COVID-19 Take Down

“COVID-19 Declared War on Humanity

Millions of lives have been lost, not due to a virus, but due to COVID-19 government policies and medical counter measures. Propaganda, policies and products have done irreparable harm to the nations of humanity, our communities, and our children.

No war in the history of mankind has produced the catastrophic level of lost lives, economic harm, and global destruction of freedom as the COVID-19 War on Humanity. It’s time we reunite and take down COVID-19″

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The Kingston Report on Substack

The Kingston Report is an evidence-based analysis of COVID-19 causes, guidelines, treatments, ‘vaccines’, and market forecast presenting government documents not found on any other platform.
By Karen Kingston

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13 Reasons to Have State Attorney Generals Seize and Destroy All COVID-19 mRNA Bioweapons
Karen Kingston Substack
Dec 6 2022

“Have we been gaslit into believing that we don’t have the evidence or legal standing to stop the COVID-19 mRNA biowarfare operation dead in its track? Insight into what happened and what we can do.”

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Karen Kingston highly recommends this article, Intended Consequences
It lays out

“Based on this body of evidence, Pfizer’s COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are not vaccines but are biological weapons per 18 US 175.

The evidence in this article is primarily from Pfizer’s documents submitted to the FDA. The other evidence is from the FDA and a peer-reviewed journal authored by the inventors of the 2-SP spike protein produced by COVID-19 mRNA vaccines. Each statement made can be verified with the link provided to a government website (either NIH.gov or FDA.gov) where you will find the documents that are cited.

This article is based on evidence that can stand up in a court of law. Please share with local and national government officials, school boards, churches, and your health care providers. Please share with your friends and family. Our loved ones, our communities, and our country cannot be healed if they are unaware of how they have been harmed.

The FDA’s approval of COVID-19 mRNA vaccines is not only fraudulent, it is conspiracy to commit premeditated battery and murder of Americans with a biological weapon.”

Intended Consequences
Karen Kingston on Substack
Nov 29 2022

mRNA Vaccines were Designed to Cause Severe Disease and Be Resistant to Antibodies Data published by spike protein inventors, Barney Graham & Jason McLellan, COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were purposefully designed to not protect against SARS-CoV-2 or variants and cause disease

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Karen Kingston – Vaccine Bio-Weapons
Interview on FrankSpeech
With slideshow

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Karen Kingston on World Waking Up to Fact The Covid Shot is a Bio-Weapon
By Brannon Howse Live, 02 December, 2022

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A bioweapon masquerading as a ‘vaccine’! – Karen Kingston
SGT Report
Dec 31 2022

Big pharma researcher and whistle blower Karen Kingston returns to SGT Report for an in-depth conversation about the bioweapon masquerading as a vaccine, 5G and more.

Cue up to 52 min for Karen discussing
US Government says … Vaccine nanotechnology can deliver an agent of biowarfare.
By falsely promoting a safe and effective vaccine it is a direct violation of
The 14th Amendment – “no person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law”.

Boots on the grounds to the Moms (and I add … Dad’s), get these injections out of our communities.  Go down to your local sheriff, and don’t leave till they stop the injections.  Go to the Pediatrician’s office and seize the vaccines, “you will not do this anymore”.

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When Does Cherry Picking Data Become a Crime?
Karen Kingston Substack
Dec 10 2022

“A manufacturer can be convicted of fraud and other crimes if the manufacturer engaged in another criminal or illegal activity related to the safety and efficacy of ‘vaccines’

Cherry picking data is a common practice in the Big Pharma industry. It’s the deliberate practice of presenting the results of a study or experiment that best support a study’s objectives instead of reporting all the findings. Big Pharma companies and world renowned doctors cherry pick data as frequently as drivers exceed the speed limit on the 405 freeway in southern California.”

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Karen Kingston Pfizer Whistleblower Confirms Covid Injections are Poisonous Bioweapons
Aug 5 2021
Interview by Dr Andrew Kaufman on InfoWars

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