Learn Rapidly of Issues We Face

Here we present some suggestions for ways to quite quickly learn about big picture issues
of the global challenges we are facing at this critical time of the earth’s and humanity’s
future and fate

It is so important to keep hope alive
We are building a critical mass of well informed and engaged humanity
to come forth and assist at this time


Certainly this website “Heart Plan Vision” is intended to be one of these resources
people can come to
in order to get inspired and find ways to
“Plug In”, “Engage”, “Collaborate with others”, “Awaken Creative Ideas and Possibilities”


Here are some Additional Resources – that we will continue to build on

Ted Talks – about
Ted Talks – over 3000 video talks to stir your curiosity


Simple “Free” Actions to Take – Just 30 minutes a day – to regularly increase your knowledge
Actually schedule this 30 min time block into your calendar
Just spend 30 min less on Social Media –
or identify another way to free up a 30 min time block

Listen to one Ted Talk (a 5 to 15 min time investment)
Read a library book (a 15 to 30 min time investment)


Join Master Minds

Impact Hub Oakland (website)

Impact Hub Oakland (Facebook Group link)

Impact Hub Oakland is a COmmunity where people come to COwork, COllaborate, and COcreate together. This is a closed group for members and friends of members to discuss ideas, post events, and be in discussion about the projects that you want to create!

In this digital space please also adhere to the Impact Hub Oakland values of:

1. Authenticity
2. Radical Inclusivity
3. Creativity & Expression
4. Collaboration
5. Inspiration
6. Respect
7. Reciprocity
8. Effectiveness