Life Maintenance

Life Maintenance Assessments help to identify Realistically
How much we can take on in our lives

While maintaining some degree of ease and peace

Now of course
Life Maintenance is going to vary widely depending on
our activities, goals, size of family, and varying commitments we have

And the reality is, often we have Big Commitments going on,
and some things in our lives just don’t get the time they need. 

It’s helpful, if that is the case, to find some peace with that.
Not everything is going to be perfect all of the time,
Or any of the time really.  

Here I am going to list out my Core Daily Maintenance Areas
I’ve broken them down into 9 Sectors
A suggestion is to use this list as a guide
and adjust it to your own personal lifestyle.
Mix up the activities, add your own
Explore what areas of life you like to attend to regularly.

In order not to place greater priority over one or another,
my 9 Sectors here are listed in alphabetical order.


9 (Suggested) Sectors for Life Management


Business / Career

Finances / Wealth Planning

Fitness / Health and Personal Care

Hobbies / Special Projects / Internet Activity / Paperwork Clean up

Home, Yard & Auto Care / Meals and Nutrition

Relationships / Family / Time in Nature

Rest / Play Time / Meditation / Be Still / Read

Sleep / Deep Rest

Special Task for the Day