Living from the Heart

Heart Plan Vision

Centers around the premise
Living from the heart
and not just from the mind

Will take us far in living in harmony with life

Heart Centered Living

Living  with mindfulness

A compassionate heart
First is developed with how we are in relation with ourselves

Our self care especially
And from this place of self love

Let it overflow
To extend that care to others

It also encompasses forgiveness
Exploring the places within the self
That may still be seeking forgiveness

For as we do self forgiveness
Then it is so much easier
To be more forgiving of others

And as we do this work within
There is a ripple effect

A love frequency vibration
That goes out and touches others

Helping to further open hearts
In ways we will often not even know

A wonderful practice to do
Is daily to review
In what ways did we come from our heart today

How were we kind
Were we easy to forgive
Did we extend some generosity to another
And were we especially loving to ourselves

— Shema Satya


There is Only The Now

The deeper I go into my spiritual path
The better I grasp this truth
There is only the NOW
There is only the PRESENT

And in this embracing
of this NOW
this PRESENT moment
A Liberation springs forth

And life actually starts feeling
a whole lot

— Shema Satya

First shared on Shema Facebook Album “Everything Is Frequency”