Masks and Children Detrimental Effects

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Masks Can Be Detrimental To Child Development
A Scientific American Article

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Masks Heed These Warnings
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Mask grave dangers kids

Why isn’t the CDC warning parents that masking their kids creates unacceptably high levels of CO2?
Steve Kirsch Substack
March 11 2023

“Del Bigtree was right. The CO2 levels in masks worn by kids rises to over 13,000 ppm. This is above the normal 1,000 ppm level, and significantly above the 2,000 acceptable level. The CDC is silent.”

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July 2022 – A Most Recent Study Released

North Dakota study: Masks in schools hardly impacted COVID spread
July 19 2022

A new study on masks in schools has found “limited to no” impact on student COVID-19 cases, shared The 74.

The study engaged in a “natural experiment” of two adjacent K-12 school districts in Fargo, N.D. — one that had a mask mandate during the fall of the 2021-22 school year and one that did not. That winter, both districts had a masks-optional policy.

The results?

“We observed no significant difference between student case rates while the districts had differing masking policies,” stated the study’s three authors, “nor while they had the same mask policies. … Our findings contribute to a growing body of literature which suggests school-based mask mandates have limited to no impact on the case rates of COVID-19 among K-12 students.”

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Masks, children and COVID-19 – Published Studies

Masking Children data

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San Francisco should be like Europe when it comes to COVID, kids, masks and schools

41 Bay Area parents and residents argue that San Francisco should soften its mask guidance for children

SF Gate article posted Oct 13 2021

“Mayor Breed and the San Francisco Department of Public Health recently acknowledged what has been known almost from the beginning: Serious COVID-19 illness in those under 18 is extremely rare, pediatric cases make up a small percentage of total cases, and this percentage has been relatively consistent over time, including during our delta wave. In fact, numbers indicate that COVID-19 poses a significantly lower risk to kids than drowning, homicides, suicides, cancer, car accidents, common flu and heart disease.

“San Francisco has also acknowledged that the majority of pediatric COVID-19 cases in the city are a result of household adult-to-child transmission. The simple truth is even when they are infected, children rarely pass on the infection at high rates. There also hasn’t been a single COVID-19-related death under the age of 20 in San Francisco.

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s COVID-19 risk assessments by age estimate that simply being a child aged five to 17 is 99.9994% protective against the risk of death and 98% protective against hospitalization.

“England … has never masked children in school, reasoning that ‘Face coverings can have a negative impact on learning and teaching and so their use in the classroom should be avoided.’  Similarly, Sweden has continued to run school as normal, even during their peak COVID-19 wave. Norway has also never recommended face masks for any age of schooling, while Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland have either never recommended masks on elementary age students or have shifted to no masks for the current school year.

“As the above examples demonstrate, Europe has consistently acknowledged children’s incredibly low risk of serious illness from COVID-19 and the importance of the learning environment and children’s developmental and psychosocial needs.”

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Masks warnings

German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: ‘Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage, Especially in the Developing Brains of Children’
Oct 6 2020

“The reinhalation of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen deprivation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen – they cannot survive.

The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of reaction time – reactions of the cognitive system.

However, when you have chronic oxygen deprivation, all of those symptoms disappear, because you get used to it. But your efficiency will remain impaired and the under-supply of oxygen in your brain continues to progress.

We know that neurodegenerative diseases take years to decades to develop. If today you forget your phone number, the breakdown in your brain would have already started 20 or 30 years ago.

While you’re thinking that you have gotten used to wearing your mask and rebreathing your own exhaled air, the degenerative processes in your brain are getting amplified as your oxygen deprivation continues. ” ….. refer to link for remainder of article

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Parents VS School Boards
May 13 2021

It is child abuse to have children wear masks
Parents!  It is your JOB to stand up and protect your children

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