Meals Suggestions

Simple Meal Prep & Simple Ingredients

When money is tight – remember your local Food Pantry (usually connected with a Food Bank)
Check the days and hours they are open in your community.
They have tables of food, even some fresh fruits and vegetables.  Bring your bags and fill up for the week.

Shema and friends are finding there are very tasty and satisfying ways
to eat inexpensively, and using whole foods.  Always aiming for Organic and Non-GMO
while shopping at our local natural foods stores.

Eating lightly and Intermittent Fasting (12 to 16 hours of a day, do not eat – let the body digestion rest)

Below are some ways we are eating lightly and simply


Starchy Vegetables

Super Foods


Apple Pear Sauce with Cinnamon & Nutmeg – slow cook
Apple Sauce with Cinnamon & Nutment – slow cook
Grapefruit – super sweet pink



Happy Soup
Bok Choy, Shiitake Mushroom, Ginger Root Recipe to Build Qi, The Immune System and Improve Digestion


Spicy Tomato Spinach Soup
Trader Joe’s Organic Creamy Tomato soup
Saute onion and spinach with spices; tumeric, basil, oregano, thyme, chile flakes in olive oil, and blend with soup


Butternut Squash Soup with Yam
Organic Butternut Squash Soup – 32 oz Trader Joe’s
Saute onion, rosemary, thyme & basil and pepper flakes together in coconut oil
Steam a yam, take off skin, and chop in bite size pieces – add to onion saute
Season to taste with ‘coconut aminos’
Pour mixture into soup and warm
Adjust flavoring to taste, add olive oil and salt, more spice as desired
Additional option:  saute up some kale and ginger and add in




Kale and Maitake Mushrooms – recipe for detoxing and Immune building
Cooked the kale and mushrooms together for a brief time, with some coconut oil and garlic, until the kale gets that lovely deep green color


Roasted Brussel Sprouts with onion
Cut in half, steam in roast pan in a little water, then add olive oil, salt and coconut aminos
Saute to glaze


Starchy Vegetables

Potatoes – steam, then mash, make into patties – and saute for potato patties



Refried Beans, organic Trader Joe’s can
Saute onion, coconut oil, rosemary, basil
Blend beans into onion saute, cook till warm
Top with salsa



Kelp Noodles (stir fry, soups, salads, wraps and rolls)
Kelp Noodles can be found in package on grocery shelf, usually near the Ramon noodles




Corn tortilla organic slider (smaller size) with Hummus & Cucumber
Warm up tortilla first, then add filling and fold or roll up



Super Foods

Aloe Vera Juice