Money and Skin In the Game

Murray Commitment Quote

This begins a journaling journey.  Stick with me and witness an incredible transformation.
My hope is that it inspires you also, to identify and commit to an area in your life you are READY for a breakthrough in.

Let’s do this together!  There is power in synergy, power in shared consciousness fields. 

June 24 2022

I COMMIT to breakthrough my money limit ceiling!  

A key action I just took was to invest financially in myself for an 8 week accountability coaching support, with a man who deeply aligns with my Red Pill criteria!

I’ve put skin in the game, with the little money I had, which was set aside to repair my car,
I’m using to pay for our work together. 

Okay universe!  Work your miracle magic.
I’ve got skin in the game! 

I am worthy! 

Are you familiar with that term?   “money limit ceiling”?

I see it as the upper limit of a comfort zone that we tend to have.  When we rise above it, in some mysterious unconscious ways, we tend to magnetize and manifest events in our lives that return us to our “normal comfort zone”.

My current limit seems to be about $400 cash assets at any one time.  At the end of the month, after review of my income and expenses for that month, my net worth, cash on hand seems to be $400.  Well, and thankfully and gratefully, also my car, my wonderful 2001 Honda Civic.

Here’s an interesting tidbit.  A friend of mine, who I first met as my accountability buddy in a financial abundance workshop I did a few years ago, recently revealed in a new Money Challenge week long course we are in, that her upper limit is about $500 a month cash cushion. 

Ouch!  Talk about the saying, our net worth is the average of the sum total of 5 of the closest people in our lives.
That being the case, let’s consider on the other side of the spectrum, my main mentor in the business world, has a track record of making multi millions in the personal development field.  Sometimes making over a million dollars in sales in a one day live event. 

I’ve got a huge gap between these two extremes.  Now join me in this exciting ride, as I commit to bridge the gap, raise my money set point, and start really thriving!

Let’s Go!

Wait!  First, I need to acknowledge how far I have come!
Big true confession time here. 
I have a favorite saying, I learned in 12 Step Recovery work. 
“We are as sick as our secrets”.

One of my secrets is my history with bankruptcies.  Yep.
3 of them! 
Here was my pattern.
I’d reach $30,000 in credit card debt.  My life would implode.
I would go bankrupt.  Spend 7 years to  clear the bankruptcy.
Get new credit cards, build back up to $30,000 in debt.

Yes, you see it coming don’t you?
Then my life implodes.  Again.  I declare bankruptcy.
and on it went.

You are meeting me now when I have just come out of my third round!
I’ve completed my 7 year time frame after the third default on payments.

Thankfully, I am now with a Bank Credit Union, a non profit that supports the people.
So they are not overextending my credit card limit. 

Not like the banksters that would keep extending my credit,
not checking to see if I would have the ‘where-with-all-and-means’ to cover the debt. 

So over these three decades, I saw a pattern, where I could easily overspend monthly, $1000.


Here’s what just showed up for me.  Right after I begin this blog writing journey.  A social media friend shares with me a replay for a workshop.  Here are some the key phrases that are speaking to me.

What Would Your Life Look Like
If Every Part Accurately Reflected Your Soul’s True Perfection?

Awakening ….  Integration …. Freedom

Heal the Planet!

Life Changing, World Changing Breakthroughs!

Accelerate your Light Worker Identity
Amplify your field of miracles and dramatically increase your capacity
to support individual healing & planetary awakening.

Clear your persecution imprint and experience
increasingly accurate financial abundance
as you more deeply tap into and share your unique gifts

Soul-Created Wealth & Planetary Healing

Spiral up through the stages of money consciousness.
Experience powerful karmic clearings to reset your money thermostat
and turn financial gravity upside down.

Live abundantly as you play your unique role in the healing & awakening of humanity.

Some Compassion Clearing Topics
These are so right on for me right now!

Money Thermostat Reset

I Deserve The Perfect Love

Clearing On Getting The Support You Need

Can you relate?