Money Steps to Abundance

Global Social Transformation

There are many resources, an abundance of them,
to help us increase our capacity to receive in wealth.

We will list just a few highlights here.
May they help stimulate your further explorations. 

Global Social Transformation


Abraham-Hicks – Many Avenues to Prosperity
Wonderful video on Money – emphasis on energy work and in turn, Inspired Action
Some key highlights from this video
“Ask and Allow – watch for tendency to Motivate the Asking
Where you really want to Come From Inspired Asking
How do you feel about money?  Feel there is a lot of money and lots ear-marked for you.
Path of least resistance.  Not on path of hardship, struggle, motivation.
You want Path of Inspiration
Money reflects back the energy you are receiving and offering.
Think in terms of the Service you are offering to others
You serve others by Getting Energy Flowing
You serve others by tapping into the Stream of Infinite Intelligence
You serve others by tuning in, tapping into this high powered frequency
You serve others by understanding the path of least resistance
You serve others by tapping into Infinite Prosperity, to Infinite Abundance of Energy,
to Infinite Ideas
You don’t get it until you Give it.  It is the asking that summons it.
So when you get in the habit of service,
Ask for money on behalf of others, now you open up a really big portal,
A really big vortex of abundance.
In what ways can I be of value to others
You are more value to others when you are happy
Your attitude and vibration is everything in regards to what you give and what you receive”


Global Social Transformation


Jeanna Gabellini

Here’s a short video on
2-Minute Trick to Make More Money
“If you’re wondering what you need to do to attract more money, really fast –
don’t take any action until you do this two-minute process…with Master Biz Coach, Jeanna Gabellini”

Ask 2 Questions

First Question

Dear Money, What do you want from me right now?
What do you need from me right now in order for us to grow in abundance?
Who do I need to be in order for you to flow in abundantly?

Listen quietly for answer
Answer will reveal itself naturally, if not in the moment, than in the course of your life

Second Question

What action can I take to kick off the momentum of money flow?
What action can I take to move our relationship forward?


Global Social Transformation