Morgellons Disease

Morgellons Disease

Clifford E Carnicom
May 09 2009
“The term “Morgellons” refers to a condition that was originally perceived
to manifest primarily as an anomalous skin condition.
The visible symptoms commonly include skin lesions that resist healing
and the presence of unusual filaments that emanate
from sores and the skin in general.”

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Morgellons Research Foundation

Revelations From A Man Who Helped Design Morgellons Disease
There are two videos at about Morgellons Disease.
These are Important videos and must be watched.
These 2 videos are well done and well researched by Clifford Carnicom and Dr. Gwen Scott.

“Introductory Remarks”
30 min video

Morgellons 2nd Session
32 min video

Dr. Gwen Scott States:

“I began to see there are a lot of components. It is a very compound complex network of pathogens. Organic, inorganic and all kinds of things.

We have fibers, heavy metals, bacteria, funguses, viruses that seem to be working somehow synergistically. None of them good to the Human.”

“I was able to touch base with one of the people who actively was involved in the design of some of this and I think at the time he thought he was doing this country some good – and in retrospect now realizes, perhaps not. Now he’s trying very hard to help anybody who’s conscious of what’s going on. He did tell me that most of these pathogens have been genetically altered so that your immune system doesn’t know that they’re there.

They’re cloaked, they’re different, they can overcome. I won’t go into the specifics but just let’s say these are not your average bacteria, virus, fungus – and of course heavy metals are not average in the human body anyway – and these fibers, these unusual fibers are wires that we’re seeing. People have said, “Well, where’s it coming from?”

Clearly, there have been enough samples to know and Mr. Carnicom, Clifford, just made that connection for us through the air. Some of them are coming to us through the air, with deliberation through the air supply. I have been told by this same gentleman it is also being delivered to us by our food supply. Particularly commercial preprocessed food”

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Clifford Carnicom on Medicamentum Authentica
Interview by Dr Andrew Kaufman
Oct 12 2021

“Sovereign, independent researcher Clifford Carnicom of the Carnicom Institute joins Dr. Andy. They discuss the history and research of the institute and of Clifford himself. Primarily, the citizen scientist talks about his research into geoengineering and Morgellons disease.”

Shema’s notes follow …. from this important interview and at end of interview Dr Kaufman does a summary of topics discussed. 

The Carnicom Foundation Disclosure Project
“Conclusions …. the biology of this planet has been changed. 
“The physical world has been altered.” and the origin of that alteration was the atmosphere.

There has been a systematic physical alternation of the atmosphere – of the entire planet.
It disperses itself everywhere.  This contamination  has dispersed itself across the entire planet.

The atmosphere is contaminated! and this contamination is not going away.
It is well established and has been in a maintenance stage that has been going on for 20+ years.
The problem was never addressed. 

It effects everything on earth, for what’s in the atmosphere does comes down to earth. 
This is what is commonly called GEOENGINEERING,  the spraying through aircraft.

The REAL STORY is what is going on inside the filament – that Clifford Carnicom has discovered.
It has an entire structure, clearly of biological nature.
There is no natural origin to the filaments.
The filaments are a primary carrier plus there are independent biologicals. 


This microbe is showing up in life on earth; humans, animals, plant life. 
He is seeing it everywhere he looks. 

It can exist in a wide variety of circumstances. 
It has quite the capacity to survive. 

Clifford Carnicom now identifies it as an environmental contaminant.

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This is Clifford Carnicom’s website
The Carnicom Disclosure Project can also be viewed at

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Link to the 3 Part Series released November 2020

The Carnicom Institute Disclosure Project in Association with

PART 1: Overview Featuring Clifford Carnicom
PART 2: Featuring Clifford Carnicom with Special Guest Dr. Carrie Madej recorded on 11/4/20
PART 3: Featuring Clifford Carnicom with Special Guests Drs. Judy Mikovits, Robert Young along with Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth President & Attorney David Mieswinkle recorded 11/5/20
Also has links to the 3 part series, along with PDFs of Research Papers
of Carnicom Disclosure Project

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Morgellons – Described by Sacha Stone
1 min video clip

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