My Conversations with Jah

Shema’s Highlights from her Written “Conversations with Jah”
As she seeks to deepen her “hearing the voice within”

In these sections:
Jah’s Messages
My Concerns Expressed
My Questions to Jah


Jah’s Messages


Dec 2019
What we can suggest is a deepening of intimacy with us, more immediacy. 
Bring each item, issue, concern before us, as they arise.
As you simplify and become more present, and present time –
you will gain direct access to us
As we exist in present time only.

Oct 2019
Shema, we send you your “destines, your dates for growth”.
It is all in divine grace. 

We celebrate your love and commitment to your “destines”. 
Know you are important to us, and how you help those we send you,
and all the growth and healing you share in together.

Release into your new life.  It is coming.  All is well. 


My Concerns Expressed

Oct 2019
What are the lessons I am to learn from my financial dynamics?

Something has to give.  Something has to change. 
I’m concerned.  There is a spiraling down into negativity, from all the stress.


My Questions to Jah

Oct 2019
What do you want and desire of me Jah?  I am here for you, to do thy will.
Where has my joy and spark gone?