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And Here is a PDF from Dr Richard Presser

Response to the COVID-19 vaccine effects and the “protein shedding”

“A growing number of people are asking how will NANO SOMA help to remove the effects of
the injection(s) when people have received them and the effects from the so-called
shedding of what is reportedly a spike protein to the uninjected by those who have been

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Please understand that neither, Shema Satya, Richard Presser, nor any of the companies supplying the MagicDichol products nor the companies’ directors, shareholders nor employees are medical doctors and do not provide medical advice. For medical advice, please consult your medical practitioner. Further, these products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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The following are testimonials from people
who have cleared the jabs from their bodies,
after beginning NANO SOMA

Following this collection,
specific to impacts from the injections,
I include numerous additional testimonies,
of people having wonderful results
in a wide variety of ways

Here is the list by name of the 6 testimonies
People sharing horrendous stories about effects after covid injections,
including blood clots,
and then dramatic changes in their health for the better,
after introducing Nano Soma into their wellness protocols

Cindi Dec 2022
AstraZeneca vaccine January 21st, 2021
Holly July 2022
Elvah, December 2021
Matthew, November 2021
Silvana, April 2021

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Cindi Dec 2022

I’m a long-haul COVID patient. I lost my sense of taste and smell in August 2020. I ran across the name NANO SOMA on a website search in late 2021 and bought a three-pack of the NANO SOMA Spray. I tried the first bottle under my tongue, as directed. Nothing happened. I then took the second bottle, poured it in a nasal applicator and took one spray through each nostril twice daily. In three weeks, I got my sense of taste and smell back – just short of two years after it went away.
A miracle.
Thank you,
Cindi Stacey, December 2022.

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AstraZeneca vaccine January 21st, 2021

I took the AstraZeneca vaccine January 21st, 2021. On April 23rd, 2021, I was diagnosed with multiple acute pulmonary embolisms. I was then put onto blood thinners, which held the clots in place but could not get rid of them. Just six days after this, I was fighting for my life in the resuscitation room following a huge internal bleed that caused me to lose nearly all of the blood in my body.

Knowing that time was not on our side, my partner Daniel started desperately searching for a cure for the blood clots and a way to get this vaccine out of my body. He came across a number of incredible organic alternatives, one of them being NANO SOMA. I started using NANO SOMA on a regular basis and I started to get better.

We trusted in nature and I came off of my blood thinners. A few months later – to the astonishment of the doctors – I had a negative D-dimer result. Finally, in November, a CT scan proved that the clots had been completely eradicated from my body. I am living a normal and happy life now, and we hope that this brief story will encourage others to trust in this product. As stated on the NANO SOMA website, this product isn’t used to treat any illness. It is used to activate your body’s own immune system to heal itself. This was my journey. Have faith, everyone.

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Holly July 2022

I was working as a carer when the whole COVID-19 thing kicked off. I believed it all and went along with the testing and masks, etc. I was called up early and took the AstraZeneca vaccine on January 21st, 2021. Around this time, I went into an alcoholic relapse after eight years of sobriety and started to become physically unwell.

In February, I became very wheezy and breathless and felt generally very unwell. By March, I was struggling to get up the stairs and would have to stop to catch my breath. I began being taken by the ambulance to the hospital. They would take chest X-rays and run blood tests, but no one detected the clots as they weren’t giving out D-dimers (I didn’t know what a D-dimer was at the time). I was diagnosed with multiple infections.

The ambulance trips to the hospital became very regular.

I was diagnosed with tachycardia in early April. On April 16th, I had a kidney failure which I was told was caused by a urinary tract infection that was so bad it attacked the kidney. I do not believe that this was the case.

On April 23rd, the blood clots were detected at City Hospital in Birmingham. They started injecting me in the stomach with blood thinners and told me to come back the next morning for a CT scan. The CT scan revealed blood clots in all zones of both lungs. I was put on Rivaroxaban.

I went to Exeter to stay with a friend. I had bruises all over my legs and felt unwell. On April 30th, I went to the GP who said they detected an infection in my urine and gave me antibiotics. For about a week, I was suffering bad heartburn, which is something I never usually had. By late afternoon, my stomach started to become very hard and large. I looked six months pregnant. I felt very dizzy and found it hard to walk.

After a while, I felt sick and started throwing up massive amounts of pure coffee-grain blood into a bucket. My friend called an ambulance that took me to Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital. Not long after I arrived, I suffered a second massive hemorrhage – this time of pure, bright red, fresh blood. I was raced into the resuscitation room and worked on throughout the night to save my life. A camera test on the following day showed no alcohol damage and a one-centimeter esophageal ulcer with a clot in the base which had ruptured. I spent a week in a critical care ward before coming home to Birmingham.

At this time, I grew close to Daniel who had been a childhood friend. He knew all about the vaccine and what was in it. I told him about my near-death experience and my blood clots. He started researching nonstop for a cure, and it was during that time that a man told him about NANO SOMA. We ordered it and I started taking it. I started getting better.

I eventually stopped taking Rivaroxaban without the doctor’s knowledge and we went fully organic with everything. I stopped all pharmaceutical medications, including Propranolol and Mirtazapine. We began to enjoy life and started going camping and socializing with friends.

In November 2021, to the doctor’s astonishment, a D-dimer test result showed negative. The doctor said it must mean that the Rivaroxaban is doing its job. I hadn’t told him I’d stopped taking that months ago.

In January 2022, a CT scan revealed that my lungs were clear and my D-dimer had remained negative.

We have come so far thanks to the miracle of NANO SOMA. I would have lost my life without it, and now I have another chance to be a mum to my two beautiful children.

We can’t thank you enough, Dr Raghavan, for creating this life-saving miracle. We are trying to encourage our family to take it, as we know it gets rid of the vaccine and the vaccine damage. My mum has started to use it and my eldest daughter, as well. We will continue to tell people about how incredible it is. We will always be forever grateful to you. Thank you.

Holly, July 2022.

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Elvah, December 2021

I would like to talk about my experiences with the COVID-19 vaccine, and its side effects. Currently, I am studying “social-og Sundhedsassistent”, which is in the healthcare field. Because of that, I chose to get vaccinated to protect the elderly citizens I assist. I’ve always been healthy and rarely been sick.

On February 23rd in 2021 I got my first shot of the vaccine made by AstraZeneca. Shortly after, I experienced major dizziness and became sick with fever, shortness of breath, muscle pains, pain in the lungs, chills, and general pain – at this time I was sick for about a week and a half. Afterward, I got my second and third shots where I became sick again, though not quite as bad.

I got my third shot on November 21st, 2021. In the period between my shots, my natural immune system was weakened. As of this writing, I have been sick about 4 times over the last 3 months and have begun taking NANO SOMA, because of my weakened immune system. NANO SOMA began working already the first day after. Now, a week after, I feel healthy and don’t feel any sickness.

More updates are to come after I have taken NANO SOMA for some time.

Elvah, December 2021.

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Matthew, November 2021

In late August 2021, I had my first vaccine (Pfizer) at a Newtown location in Sydney. That same day I felt fine. The following day, I struggled to get out of bed. I had a headache, aches and pains and severe chills from which I was not able to get warm. I remained in this condition for two days.

On the third day, I felt some recovery. I’ve not suffered from any other conditions and/or felt this way ever before. On hearing about NANO SOMA and its ability to trigger a healthy response in the body, I was interested to try this product and look for a way to assist in reducing the effects of the Pfizer jab as I was aware from discussions with others that, with the second jab, I could suffer similar symptoms, if not worse.

I was guided on the use of NANO SOMA. I received it two weeks after my second Pfizer jab and took a morning and evening dose. Knowing I had another jab coming caused some anxiety. I fronted for my second dose and went back to work expecting I would not be up and around on day two. Day two came and I was so surprised – I was able to get up, shower, and get to the office with no symptoms or side effects from the second vaccine. I was so elated that I was not bed-bound.

On continuing to take NANO SOMA, I have also lost a little weight, too. I’d recommend this product to anyone and my experience in using this has shown me that this product could heal and cancel out the terrible side effects of the vaccine. I’m most appreciative of being introduced to it.

Many thanks.
Best regards,
Matthew, November 2021.

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Silvana, April 2021

Unfortunately, I had the first Pfizer COVID-19 injection. Within minutes I felt lightheaded. And, 24 hours later, I broke out in itchy burning hives which lasted for seven weeks (until I started NANO SOMA). The doctors had me on 60 mg of IV antihistamine. Two others prescribed oral antihistamines with no prevail. Then, a friend suggested NANO SOMA.

(Drum roll.)

48 hours later I woke up and noticed a shift. I was not burning or itching or even breaking out in hives. I am so elated.

Silvana, April 2021.

Nano Soma

Here are numerous additional testimonies,
people having wonderful results
in a wide variety of ways

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NOTE: The MagicDichol® family of products – the NANO SOMA® Nutritional Spray, the
METASOMER® Topical Gel and the METASOMER® Telomerase Natural Skin Cream – all contain
the widely patented Metadichol®, a nanoemulsion of policosanol. The following are user
testimonials. Neither Cosmic Connections (International) Limited nor any other individuals or
incorporated entities who are in any way involved with selling or marketing Metadichol in
any form make any claims about Metadichol based on these testimonials, beyond the claims
made as part of the official approval or the regulations under which those products are
marketed in any given country. None of us are medical doctors. This product is not intended
to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Ten years of testimonials gathered by Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu) can be found at

This is a sample of many Customer Testimonials
Received since 2010 on NANO SOMA aka Metadichol ®
These consumer reviews represent a cross section of the
range of results that appear to be typical with this
product. Results may vary depending
upon use and commitment

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and those gathered by Dr. Richard Presser over the last few years or so are at,

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Rosemary’s “knees” testimony

Rosemary B. USA. 3 August, 2021 – Amazing testimony …. improvement with knees

I started NANO SOMA with the 5 sprays, 4 times a day for a week, because I felt I have many issues that might be improved. Then I did the 5 sprays 2x a day to finish another bottle in 2 weeks.

I have needed knee replacement for 7 years now in both knees. Lots of pain. I was still able to do gentle cardio through at least 5 of the years and it helped with inflammation. I don’t believe in putting metals into my body, so I just dealt with the pain for that time instead of surgery. After roughly 5 years I decided to try stem cell injections. These were expensive. Throughout the last two years, I put $2000 worth of stem cells in my knees every six months and did it three times (At $1000 per knee). Each time I waited for at least 5 months to see if the knees improved. They did not. I am certainly not rich but was hoping to avoid surgery. I kept thinking that the next dose would be the one that worked since my knees were so damaged from waiting so long. $6000 wasted. I know stem cells work for some people but for me it didn’t work at all. I do trust my alternative health practitioner, so I know she knows what she is doing. I just don’t know why my body didn’t respond.

After all this I cried and cried and didn’t know what to do. I was so hopeful for this procedure. I was ready to give up and have knee replacement, but I still kept putting it off. There came a time in the last year that I could no longer do cardio due to the pain level getting worse. That raised many other problems that come without exercise. My practitioner said that my circulation had become very bad from inactivity among other things. I was now a couch potato, and I am one that loves to exercise and stay fit.

Anyway, immediately after I finished the intensive NANO SOMA treatment, I noticed that the pain has gone down substantially and mostly remains there with a few bad days occasionally. I would say from a constant pain level of 10 as high pain, I am now most regularly at 3 and a half to a 4. That’s how fast my pain level went down. I am so happy! It seems to me that the NANO SOMA kick started my knees to begin healing. I don’t think it was just a coincidence that my knees feel like they are beginning to heal now that I am using NANO SOMA. It has now been 5 weeks and I feel like my knees are slowly but surely healing. This is the best they have felt in years. They are still weak from non-use for 7 years, but I know that as I continue this treatment, I will gain my strength back as well. I feel fully confident that I won’t have to have surgery. I almost feel that in another 4 to 6 weeks, my pain level could very well be gone, or down to a 2 or 1. I will do an update again at that time.

Now, I have to say that I also had purchased a Bemer (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine 5 months ago and was seeing small changes with daily use. It would take the swelling and inflammation down with everyday use and I was able to do a bit more around the house. The Bemer rep had said that many people did not have to have knee surgery with continued use. She did say it would be slow. I think that my knees may very well have healed if I had kept diligently using the Bemer but the healing was painfully slow. I was indeed seeing small improvements though. So now I still use both the Bemer and NANO SOMA. Once I finished the two bottles of NANO SOMA is when I saw the healing begin to speed up.

On another subject, I have been struggling with insomnia for the last year or so. Of course, then I was tired all day long. I have been seeing some improvements in that respect also. Not perfect yet but getting there. Some better sleep and also some bursts of energy during the day.

As I said, I will do another update in a couple of months or so and let you know what improvements I see further down the road.

Thank you so much for the NANO SOMA. I feel like I am getting my life back!

Nano Soma Magic Dichol