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Nano Soma

“Raghu (the creator of Nano Soma) was told by his astrologer 10 or more years ago
that NANO SOMA would save the spiritually awakened.”

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We have many links and information on this page,
with intent to help you understand
the many benefits Nano Soma can offer to the world.

We are very excited to offer you this resource,
and feel quite encouraged about this amazing product. 

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Nano Soma Product Ordering Page Link

On this page Shema shares wonderful information about Nano Soma (Metadichol).
If you are ready to purchase and would like to support HeartPlanVision in a small way,
We have set up an affiliate relationship with their marketing company
Magic Dichol.

We invite you to use the following link for purchases
and thank you for the support

Note:  due to the product’s growing popularity, sometimes you may see on the website,
they are out stock.  Go ahead, and place order, and you will be in cue for when more
becomes available.  Usually it is only a few weeks.    Currently there is a spray and gel available.  Additionally, they are also soon to have a lotion available.  

The Metasomer Topical Gel​ is simply the NANO SOMA spray with edible xanthan gum added to it, making it much more practical for topical use.   Please do not order the gel if you are not in the US and Canada.

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Response to the COVID-19 vaccine effects and the “protein shedding”

“A growing number of people are asking how will NANO SOMA help to remove the effects of
the injection(s) when people have received them and the effects from the so-called
shedding of what is reportedly a spike protein to the uninjected by those who have been

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Nano Soma

NANO SOMA® Usage Protocol

scrolling down to end of this page

We have links to many testimonials

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Dr Richard Presser sends out a weekly email on Nano Soma Updates

This message is from Oct 22 2021 and wonderful Introductory Video

A key point in this update is this quote: “…..THIS ONE PRODUCT REPLACED the over 3,000 remedies he used as a homeopath!”

Dr Presser:  “I LOVE how health practitioners of many disciplines are finding their way to NANO SOMA. A year ago, it was as if I was speaking another language to them. That has changed. Today, some just “get” it. Others are introduced to NANO SOMA by their patients and by their colleagues.

Most non-allopathic health practitioners carry preferences and biases about how to promote the healing of their patient’s bodies. We all carry these biases. And so, not only are we asking allopathic doctors to look beyond their programmed healing beliefs, it also applies to other healers.

As I have mentioned before, Dr. Roland Hillermann, who is running our European operation, was a homeopath in Germany for 25 years, and when he saw the NANO SOMA testimonials, he commented to me that he realised that THIS ONE PRODUCT REPLACED the over 3,000 remedies he used as a homeopath!

Last week I shared his personal testimonial of NANO SOMA resolving his hypoglycaemia, which he developed at 22. I love the way the videographer captured this concept of one solution for all health issues in this introductory video, with the doctor showing NANO SOMA to a patient on his screen.”

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January 2021 NANO SOMA Research Paper and Video

“Many drugs target individual actions of a specific virus or bacteria. However, development and application of a broad-spectrum compound which targets the whole immune response would allow one therapy to have a global application for human disease. Dr P. R. Raghavan, CEO of Nanorx Inc, has invented one such dietary supplement, Metadichol®, which is thought to act via vitamin D receptors to influence the immune system.”

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Legal disclaimer from MagicDichol LLC

“For the avoidance of any misunderstanding, Dr. Richard Presser, MagicDichol LLC nor any of its employees, contractors nor agents are medical doctors and are not giving medical advice. NANO SOMA is classified as a “nutraceutical” dietary supplement by the US FDA and its ingredients are classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe). The FDA has not evaluated any statements regarding the use of NANO SOMA. NANO SOMA is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease. NANO SOMA is not a replacement for regular medical advice and treatment for any medical condition.”

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With the legal disclaimer clarified …
Let us explore ….

Could this help with the spike protein issue in the injections
and the shedding / transmissions concerns to non-injected people ?

And could it help many many health conditions ?  
Supporting the body to activate it’s innate intelligence to heal itself !

Excellent 15 min Introduction Video to Nano Soma
Much more detail is in the video we highlight –
further down this page, and here
This interview by Kerry Cassidy of
Nano Soma discussed by Dr Raghavan, the founder,
is in very understandable terms.
So don’t be discouraged with all the scientific medical terms
In the intro videos we link to.

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Nano Soma Response to COVID-19 vaccine effects

From a recent email from Nano Soma company, Magic Dichol,
July 13 2021
“The injections being widely imposed and their “shedding” to the uninjected is just something else that does not belong in the body.  This article may help you understand this better.”
Kind Regards,
Dr. Richard Presser

Please note that this is a living document and will be updated as needed. If the date on the document (link below) is more than 30 days old, please go to and check for an updated version.

Response to the COVID-19 vaccine effects and the “protein shedding”

“A growing number of people are asking how will NANO SOMA help to remove the effects of
the injection(s) when people have received them and the effects from the so-called
shedding of what is reportedly a spike protein to the uninjected by those who have been

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Metadichol® Published Articles

”Discovered by research scientist Dr. P. R. Raghavan, the patented formula in NANO SOMA (Metadichol) represents an innovative modern breakthrough that COVID, DNA REPAIR, YOU NAME IT….addresses immune dysfunction at the cellular level. Formulated using nanotechnology as both a dietary supplement and as a topical solution, this incredible discovery  (which comes from a powerful plant wax extracted from sugarcane) has been found to support many of the physiological functions essential for optimal skin and immune health.”-from the website

Link to section on their main website for Published Articles

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Sneak peak – stay through the video to 1 hr 55 min
where Nano Soma is decribed as the Ninja Particle ! 

Nano Soma

Kerry Cassidy (Project Camelot) video interview –
tremendous important video to watch !
Highly recommend to watch the interview in its entirety

Video posted June 10 2021

Fascinating interview
at 12 min into video the doctor speaks of

“a simple product to replace all drugs”

and 28 min
how apply
liquid, gel, and cream
(the liquid is available for purchase now.
along with the gel (in United States and Canada).
The lotion is not yet available (per Oct 2021)

About one hour into the interview
they get more into conditions that are supported by Nano Soma

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Ingredients in Nano Soma

Nano Soma Nutritional Supplement
This webpage lists the ingredients of Nano Soma

Here’s one thing the creator of it says

“NANO SOMA is intimately known to the body, triggering it to heal and protect itself in ways we never imagined.
The developer of NANO SOMA, Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu) says it is safer than salt and sugar and has no known side effects.”

The video with Kerry Cassidy (also listed above)
speaks of this product
coming from a powerful plant wax extracted from sugarcane

Jaggery is the raw form it comes from
Dr Raghavan suggests to replace your cane sugar with Jaggery
(you can find it on Amazon website)

In answer to Kerry Cassidy question
would Jaggery give the same benefit as Nano Soma?
Dr Raghavan replied that it has not been researched.
The research and time tested data is on Nano Soma –
which in itself is on the nano level.

Introduction to NANO SOMA Video (15 min video)
Jan 31 2021

Excellent intro video regarding ingredients and how it works on the body
to stimulate the immune system

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Project Camelot video interview – tremendous important video to watch !
June 10 2021

Project Camelot links to Nano-Soma Products

Nano Soma
Product website

How can Metadichol® help human health?
Nano Soma
Short video posted April 2021

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Additional Information on Nano Soma from MagicDichol LLC

“To be clear, NANO SOMA is not claimed to treat any illness or disease. Its secret is that it activates the body to function on a level we never imagined, enabling the body to heal every human health condition against which it has been tested.

It is like the key to the functioning of our bodies, which we did not know was missing until it turned up.  In truth, it has been bubbling up into our experience over the millennia, since a small fraction of the policosanol that has been readily present in our diets, before refined foods, is in the nanoparticle form.

And so, NANO SOMA is intimately known to the body, triggering it to heal and protect itself in ways we never imagined.  The developer of NANO SOMA, Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu) says it is safer than salt and sugar and has no known side effects.

When NANO SOMA is present in the body, the body itself has been shown to clear 18 pathological viruses, including SARS-COV-2, the virus responsible for COVID-19.  This has been demonstrated in both laboratory testing and in a hospital trial.

It also clears pathological bacteria and fungi, and has been shown to trigger the body to heal many of its organs with no other intervention.

NANO SOMA substitutes for vitamin D in the body, activating the Vitamin D Receptor (VDR), a critical key to our immunity.  It also triggers the body to produce its own, endogenous Vitamin C, something previously unknown, and reverses the ageing of our bodies.

And this is just the beginning.”

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This chart is taken from the Intro Video on Nano Soma,
we have discussed above and link is here also

Nano Soma functions

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ADDITIONAL VIDEOS to Help Better Understand Nano Soma

SATCHAT: Nano Soma – With Dr Richard Presser
May 14 2021

“Is Nano Soma the supplement humanity has been waiting for? Is it truly a miracle straight from the Gods of old? Join me and Richard Presser to discuss this amazing breakthrough for holistic health lovers. DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors and do not claim to cure anything at all.”

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Message from Dr Presser in an email dated Sept 5 2021

“The more I work with NANO SOMA, the more I see its connection with the awakened in the world. If you are reading these words, to one extent or another, you are spiritually aware.

Raghu was told by his astrologer 10 or more years ago that NANO SOMA would save the spiritually awakened.

Let me explain.

We are living in a time of profound transition, moving beyond the time when forces of the dark run our world. Some of you will understand these words, others less so. The COVID-19 global lockdown is about justifying the injection of every human being they can and those running the game will become more draconian in their tactics to achieve this, and you can see this everywhere you look. I live in Australia, and we are currently on the sharp end of these efforts because we have been in winter, when viruses are more prevalent. Soon the Northern Hemisphere will become the primary target.

And when they have got most people jabbed, they will think they have won.

Except for one thing.


They have not allowed for the plan that is older than theirs.

NANO SOMA triggers our bodies to clear and heal everything that does not belong.

So simple and so profound. And we are seeing more and more people who have been jabbed, realising their life is seriously at risk, embracing NANO SOMA and experiencing a recovery.

This was planned before life began on Earth.

And many will stay locked into their trust of government, allopathic medicine and media messaging and will probably not be with us for long. However, those with some spiritual awareness will either already know or wake up to what is happening.

Again, I share this to provide context and direction on this. Some have told me that the Chrome browser is blocking this link with a warning message. No surprise. If you use Google Chrome, I suggest you reflect on who Google is and consider Firefox or some other browser that will not block this website.”

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Ten years of testimonials gathered by Dr. Palayakotai Raghavan (Raghu) can be found at

and those gathered by Dr. Richard Presser over the last year or so are at,

with a US only subset at

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Rosemary B. USA. 3 August, 2021 – Amazing testimony …. improvement with knees

I started NANO SOMA with the 5 sprays, 4 times a day for a week, because I felt I have many issues that might be improved. Then I did the 5 sprays 2x a day to finish another bottle in 2 weeks.

I have needed knee replacement for 7 years now in both knees. Lots of pain. I was still able to do gentle cardio through at least 5 of the years and it helped with inflammation. I don’t believe in putting metals into my body, so I just dealt with the pain for that time instead of surgery. After roughly 5 years I decided to try stem cell injections. These were expensive. Throughout the last two years, I put $2000 worth of stem cells in my knees every six months and did it three times (At $1000 per knee). Each time I waited for at least 5 months to see if the knees improved. They did not. I am certainly not rich but was hoping to avoid surgery. I kept thinking that the next dose would be the one that worked since my knees were so damaged from waiting so long. $6000 wasted. I know stem cells work for some people but for me it didn’t work at all. I do trust my alternative health practitioner, so I know she knows what she is doing. I just don’t know why my body didn’t respond.

After all this I cried and cried and didn’t know what to do. I was so hopeful for this procedure. I was ready to give up and have knee replacement, but I still kept putting it off. There came a time in the last year that I could no longer do cardio due to the pain level getting worse. That raised many other problems that come without exercise. My practitioner said that my circulation had become very bad from inactivity among other things. I was now a couch potato, and I am one that loves to exercise and stay fit.

Anyway, immediately after I finished the intensive NANO SOMA treatment, I noticed that the pain has gone down substantially and mostly remains there with a few bad days occasionally. I would say from a constant pain level of 10 as high pain, I am now most regularly at 3 and a half to a 4. That’s how fast my pain level went down. I am so happy! It seems to me that the NANO SOMA kick started my knees to begin healing. I don’t think it was just a coincidence that my knees feel like they are beginning to heal now that I am using NANO SOMA. It has now been 5 weeks and I feel like my knees are slowly but surely healing. This is the best they have felt in years. They are still weak from non-use for 7 years, but I know that as I continue this treatment, I will gain my strength back as well. I feel fully confident that I won’t have to have surgery. I almost feel that in another 4 to 6 weeks, my pain level could very well be gone, or down to a 2 or 1. I will do an update again at that time.

Now, I have to say that I also had purchased a Bemer (pulsed electromagnetic field) machine 5 months ago and was seeing small changes with daily use. It would take the swelling and inflammation down with everyday use and I was able to do a bit more around the house. The Bemer rep had said that many people did not have to have knee surgery with continued use. She did say it would be slow. I think that my knees may very well have healed if I had kept diligently using the Bemer but the healing was painfully slow. I was indeed seeing small improvements though. So now I still use both the Bemer and NANO SOMA. Once I finished the two bottles of NANO SOMA is when I saw the healing begin to speed up.

On another subject, I have been struggling with insomnia for the last year or so. Of course, then I was tired all day long. I have been seeing some improvements in that respect also. Not perfect yet but getting there. Some better sleep and also some bursts of energy during the day.

As I said, I will do another update in a couple of months or so and let you know what improvements I see further down the road.

Thank you so much for the NANO SOMA. I feel like I am getting my life back!

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The company also has an incredible product line for neutralizing EMF

Here is our affiliate link to the page for the products

We shall be working on an individual page to showcase DPE soon

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