The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1:2

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Issue 1:2 – Oct 5 2022
Laser Focus Know Thyself, The New One Percent
Prime Attention on 3 Key Targets

Welcome to Issue 2!
Workshop in a Newsletter
Find your CTA, your Call to Action, for this week

Before aligning with something as grand as

and growing to 80 million strong

It’s highly recommended to Get the Fundamentals of One’s Own Life
and The Skills of Day to Day Living nicely grounded

As within, So without


No matter how successful we are in the world,
Attunement questions are so beneficial to revisit frequently

Grounded can mean many things, different for each person.

What lets you know you are Grounded in Living Well?

Suggestion … Take a moment, sometime this week, to reflect on this.
And then post this list somewhere visible as a reminder.

CTA, Call to Action, What Are Signs You Are Grounded?

For me it looks like this, I check within

Am I Happy, Bringing good energy and feeling cheerful each day

Am I Living In Flow

Is my spiritual life strong, and my guiding light Do I trust in my God above all else, to be unfolding my life all in divine timing

How am I doing in the world and with relationships, people, communications

These are just some of my favorite starting points to check


Once life’s basics are being managed well,
It’s easier to get clarity on what’s most important above the essentials

Learning to identity one’s top 3 areas of prime focus is a skill to develop over time, with practice.

It’s a powerful practice to bring laser focus to that which you desire to achieve.
Give regular attention to these things.
That which we focus on, we expand upon, and get more of.

Elements involved in helping develop focus can include any or all of these,
for starters

Observing what you are most passionate about
Making focus a priority
Follow through on what we say we’ll do
Persistence and Perseverance
Regular small action steps

Choose targets in 3 key areas – don’t overextend

Reach your desired results before taking on additional goals
In future newsletter issues, we’ll explore this further
The cycle of Project, Achievement, Celebration
Truly helps build confidence and momentum to do more

And key in this is … don’t forget to celebrate!
Even the small wins!

For now, a CTA, call to action, is

What are your TOP 3 Priorities currently?

Here are my favorite 3 categories to have one target in each

Body and Mind Attunements – health is primary

Inner Attunements to Align Conscious and Unconscious Mind with your primary desired manifestation

Outer … Your Current Project in the World Your external, out in the world, action and service – that which brings joy to your heart

Perhaps your 3 areas are different, what are yours?


Do not blindly accept

Thank you for all you do!  We are the ones we have been waiting for!
Shema Satya

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