The New One Percent Newsletter Issue 1:3

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Issue 1:3 – Oct 12 2022
Clarifying Questions, Big News from CHD, Updates New One Percent

The Power of Inquiry and Intention
For Quality Living Ask Clarifying Questions

How did you do last week? Did you get an opportunity to reflect on 3 Key Targets in your life? And for you who already have mastery of this, did you tune in to them, just to get a current read?

I find I get inspired when I can see examples, so later in this issue, I’ll share my Power of 3 focus areas.

I got a bit chatty in this Issue, so much is going on!

So here are the highlights – hope it helps if you just need to scroll through to what is of interest to you

Asking Good Questions
Know Thyself helps build New One Percent
Important new Documentary and Legal team Warrior Club
CTA, watch one hour of truth research videos weekly
Biz 101 – two valuable upcoming events
This Newsletter now has Archives online
Meme of the week
My Key 3 – as an example
We love input!

This Issue’s focus is on these 5 topics and one Announcement

1. The impact of asking good questions in helping gain clarity on life’s issues.

2. Alex Collier speaking on the power of people knowing themselves and what an impact we can make collectively. I’ll be weaving throughout, how all this ties in with

3. Children’s Health Defense (CHD) has some big news this week, very encouraging for the truth and freedom movement

4. As part of Building Momentum, there will be a CTA, Call to Action suggestion also.

5. Our first segment on Biz 101 begins. Being wise with our finances is so important as we ground ourselves into the New World in the making, while offering relevant Services for humanity.

6. The Announcement is This Newsletter will also be available on my website! More on that news towards end of this Issue.


“Your focus is controlled by questions. Quality questions create a quality life. Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers.” – Tony Robbins

I chose this theme for this Issue, for I was inspired by a conversation with a dear friend this week. She had identified a core issue calling out for attention and she wasn’t getting clarity on what next steps to take.

I suggested a little bit of reverse engineering. Just taking the statement “I don’t know where to go from here”. And turn it into a question and give Guidance permission and an invitation to help with insights and next actions.

You’ve probably heard “help is out there, but you do have to ask for it”. And on the theme of better questions, the more we ask for help and guidance while practicing framing questions, the better we will get at it.

Also! Very important part of this, Remember to pay attention for the answers. They will come, often in unexpected ways. Give thanks for the help and take some action on the answer received.


The following inspired visions of Alex Collier help to lend support to our idea of for creating a mass tipping point to a global awakening. Alex speaks of billions of us. The One Percent is only 80 million of us. This is doable!

“If we don’t know who we are, we are going to be controllable. We are going to be slaves. But even a small group of people who know who they are, are a force to reckon with. And when you have a population of billions, and they know who they are, we can change and do anything! With a Vision, With Clear Goals of what it is that we want.

The ‘controllers’ wanted to be sure we never got there. This is the piece of information now coming to humanity. Seeing the potential and possibility of shifting and changing the frequency of our galaxy. This is where we are now.”

And ways we get good at knowing ourselves? This newsletter, Workshop in a Newsletter, is one way we are sharing ideas, to help us individually build our own

all leading to our

Stacking and Building, step by step.

And when we are overflowing in our individual lives, being full in harmony and love, it so easily and naturally can spill into the greater collective, and the movement builds for the Great Awakening.

THE QUALITY OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS KEY, in determining how many are needed for the tipping point. – Steven Greer

And with our Visioning and Clarifying what it is we want and desire, to replace the failing global control systems, we become the architects of our new world that works for the benefit of all.


Due to how much good news there is,
a full page is dedicated to it

Here’s a sneak peak – the book is now a movie!

From Robert F Kennedy, Jr “CHD has partnered with Revealed Films to transform my book into a compelling documentary that exposes the corrupt reign of the “nation’s most trusted doctor,” Dr. Fauci

AND! California Chapter! Focusing on Lawsuits and Governmental Overreach in California


Imagine! Just one hour a week, of watching a truth video, interview, or documentary … think of the cumulative impact that can have, towards helping people wake up and respond to what’s being planned for humanity’s further enslavement.

Could you commit at least one hour a week?

Some of this information can be quite shocking, and taking it in, in small incremental doses, makes it a lot easier to digest. Plus it allows time for the psyche to fully integrate it, before taking in more information.

BIZ 101

Two great offerings coming up, from two of my favorite business coaches

Chris Howard – transformational practices
Chris’ weekend is amazing, and every process builds on the next,
and Sunday hits a most beautiful sweet spot at the end.

Chris Howard’s Transformational Weekend Oct 21-23
“In this powerful 3 day program we will pin-point and eliminate consciously as well as unconsciously what’s been preventing you from living the life of your dreams. Come experience the latest in technologies for accelerating human change!”

George Kao – prioritize self-care and spiritual values

Prelaunch pricing now

Who is this summit designed for?
Solopreneurs such as coaches, healers, consultants, course creators, who seek grounded advice about how to create a successful business while prioritizing self-care and the integration of spiritual values into daily work.

ANNOUNCEMENT! Past Newsletters Now Archived

This Newsletter now will also be available to read on my website, along with an Archive page that will be listing links to all past issues. As we’ll be weaving a journey of building momentum, and identifying a growing body of humanity’s collective empowerment, the Archives will be an important reference, especially as new people join in.

for The New One Percent and Workshop in A Newsletter


Uninstall the matrix program

THE POWER OF THREE – Shema’s Key Three Currently

As I promised, here are my 3 that I lead each day with

BODY and Mind Attunements – health is primary
Mine in this category is my
Power Hour of Fitness and Prayer
My aim is to not miss a day, the earlier in the day I get my walk out in nature the better.
Along with a little cross training and cardio.

And on my walk I am doing inner process work, joyful expressions of gratitude and thanks, along with prayer.

INNER Attunements to Align Conscious and Unconscious Mind with your primary desired manifestation My Inner Practice is
Daily self-guided Self Hypnosis.
I choose one VERY IMPORTANT GOAL, and I apply the self hypnosis to it. Once or twice a day. And I stay with that one Goal until satisfying progress made. Key here is the focus on One goal.

Pretty powerful for through this deep relaxation, the barrier between the 5% conscious mind and the 95% unconscious mind is LIFTED!

A practice I’ve learned from Chris Howard.
Just an FYI, his free 3 day online
starts Oct 21.
I give it a 5 star.

OUTER … Your Current Project in the World
My out in the world project focus currently is
This Newsletter everyday giving focus and attention to it.

There you have it! My 3.
I hope you have 3, or something similar to keep you focused.

Along with my Key 3
I have, of course, the daily basics of living, that are rotated
All else fit into Special Projects that get attention as time permits

As long as I’m staying true to my Key 3,
I feel great that my life is humming along and moving forward.
Trusting all is coming to me in Divine Timing


It is my pleasure to prepare these installments for you.
Please, I welcome input and updates on how this material is landing for you.
Just reply to this email,

Blessings, Shema Satya

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