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The New One Percent Movement and Workshop In A Newsletter
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This page explores Visions of the New One Percent

Global Social Transformation

Inspired Insights by
The 1%, The 3%, and the 15%

“WE ARE the people we have been waiting for TO SAVE US.”

“Many are called. Few are chosen. It’s always the 1% or the 3% that get all the work done. History is always written by 1% or 15% of the population. Who are led by 3% of the population. WHO ARE INSPIRED BY 1% OF THE POPULATION.

And it is really true.
ONE PERCENT can be the driving engine.
3% can be the organizers,
and the
can be the warriors.
Information and Cultural Warriors. And Motivation Warriors.”

“And that is the group that will write history.”

The New One Percent Version 1

Global Social Transformation


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Global Social Transformation

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Global Social Transformation

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Global Social Transformation

Q&A Segment & Feedback
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Global Social Transformation

New to our work?
for an overview of our projects and visions

Global Social Transformation

Past issues of newsletters you can view online

Global Social Transformation

Our VAULT of Research Pages
Over 200 individual topic pages, and new topics being added regularly

Shema Vault 241 Count

Divided into 3 Main Portals
The New One Percent, Humanityโ€™s Grass Roots Awakening Movement
#2 The Big Picture โ€“ Connecting the Dots
#3 Plandemics and Global Lockdowns

Portal #1 Overview Topics
The New One Percent, Humanityโ€™s Grass Roots Awakening Movement
The Great Awakening of Humanity Overview
Health and Healing of Humanity Overview
Humanityโ€™s New Emerging World Overview
The New One Percent Movement Overview

Portal #2 Overview Topics
The Big Picture โ€“ Connecting the Dots
Global Food Systems Overview
New World Order Overview
The War for Humanityโ€™s Mind and Body Overview
The Big Picture of Humanity Overview

Portal #3 Overview Topics
Plandemics and Global Lockdowns
Biological Warfare and Bioterrorism Overview
Covid and Covid Vaccines An Overview

Death by Covid Vax An Overview
Champions for Freedom Overview
Lawsuits During Covid Era Overview
Pandemics An Overview

Global Social Transformation

A Facebook collection
Hundreds of info graphic memes, wisdom notes and gorgeous photos and graphics

Global Social Transformation

Is now LISTED in

Global Social Transformation

Our page where we are gathering the best and brightest ideas
12 Suggested Ingredients for Reaching Critical Mass,
The Tipping Point for Mass Awakening

Global Social Transformation

Our growing list of terms used while looking at the big picture

Global Social Transformation


Heart Plan Vision has an Acronym description.
For a Look at the Beginnings of Heart Plan Vision,
Before our focus turned to mapping the accelerated control mechanisms
Of the last three years

Tells of the original vision and acronym for Heart Plan Vision Portal

Global Social Transformation

We are currently focused on Big Picture Research
To Assist In Expanding Awareness
New Earth Visions for Our New World

(NOT! the cabal’s NWO, New World Order)

Global Social Transformation