Online Business Launch Highlights

Shema Satya Photography

Here Shema shall be documenting the highlights of her Online Business Launch
This will not just be about ideas
This is where we actually record the actions taken to move Heart Plan forward
We’re excited!

We also hope this blogging journal with be a help to aspiring folks ready and eager to jump into
creating their very own online business.  Folks!  There is a lot that goes into this journey. 
We seek here to document some of the early stage learnings we all can do,
many that are free of charge, to start developing foundations for our Entrepreneurial Legs


Here are Titles of Each day’s entries
Dec 22 2019 – Align with My Calling
Dec 23 2019 – Idea of 144 Founding Members for FB Group

Dec 24 2019 – Commitment is Made
Dec 26 2019 – I get a Mentor for launch of Membership FB Group
Dec 26 2019 – Commitment poem “… Providence moves too”
Feb 07 2020 – SEO Basics for our website
Aug 26 2021 – How to Manage All the Business Building Programs Purchased

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Aug 26 2021 – How to Manage All the Business Building Programs Purchased

A friend on social media asked this question of me.
Any tips on managing all the programs you’ve purchased?

I laugh because, well, it’s a dance for sure!

First, get very discriminating with what I buy for starters!

Then, track my participation. This helps me get better at curbing my urges to buy more.

Most important, I’d say, getting clear with Business Plan (that’s why I just joined Chris’s Plan to Win) – so that I know what I need most right now.

My mistake has been over the years, to buy things out of sequence.
Thinking that I’ll get to it later.
Well, later very rarely ever comes! OR, when later does come, there is usually some better program that is being offered.

I also have to really curb my urges to buy things when they are offered at a great price,
even though I’m not ready to implement right now.
NOT a good reason to make a purchase.

Having too many programs I haven’t used, can really live rent free in my head.

My new philosophy is,
When I am ready, the next best program will present itself,
I will feel good about it, and actually work it and implement.

It’s more important now, to buy fewer programs,
while taking more action with the programs I do have.

It also helps towards becoming a better financial manager of my budget.

A BIG KEY also, is to get familiar with the person selling, and their offerings.
Is it someone you like and respect.
We tend to stick with things better when we like the teacher.
Take some of their free offerings, and see if you work with their free material.
Then get a feel for when you are ready to take next step and build with their paid offerings.

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Dec 22 2019 – Align with My Calling
I am so energized and passionate to get aligned with my ‘Life Calling’
During this week I deepen into realizing and admitting
Heart Plan Vision is my “Calling”

I come up with one line description
Heart Plan Vision – Leveraging What Works for most Rapid Societal Transformation

I am realizing for Heart Plan Vision to really work
It’s time I start really being engaged with it and loving my engagement
To enroll and inspire people with the vision and the possibilities
It’s time I clearly articulate the vision and believe in it myself
This is a big realization for me
Independent of how the world is responding to Heart Plan Vision
I need to nourish and believe in the vision myself and be
Happily engaging in the project and loving it’s unfoldment!

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Dec 23 2019 – idea of 144 Founding Members for FB Group
On my Lake walk I get a HUGE “download” for launch of Heart Plan Vision
I brainstorm list of who to reach out to – to build my 144 Founding Members
By end of day I have list of 168 individuals, organizations, and ‘teams of friends’

I decide on first membership model to be in form of a Private Facebook Group
I do the math (crunch the $ figures) and come up with price tier points for entry.
Initially my outreach will be for 144 Founding Members who pay at least $250
as endorsement for launch and lifetime access to the paid membership group.
They all will be listed as Founding Members, with great thanks
(unless they want to remain anonymous)

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Dec 24 2019 – Commitment is Made
The Commitment is made.
To Launch my true calling “Heart Plan Vision” formally on Jan 1 2020
I have been trying to focus income creation on ways “just to make money”
and there is no passion in that.
The focus shifts now to “living my calling”.
I am told the universe will support and guide me, so my needs are met,
as I follow my “Calling”.

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Dec 26 2019 – I get a Mentor for launch of Membership FB Group
Here is where the synchronicity starts really unfolding sweetly
Upon awaking, my thoughts are on 4 Facebook Groups to launch
That is really no big deal, though I’m told just to start with one group
But I already am managing 55 Facebook Community pages
21 “Albums” in my Facebook timeline
So 4 Facebook Groups will just be my going to the “next organizing Level”
For working with outreach of all these materials

As I arise in the morning I write out notes on the 4 Facebook Groups Idea
And identify the topics for the 4 groups

Then by late morning finding myself naturally flowing into listening
to an online
sales webby on guess what?!
A 12 month mentoring program for how to build a membership-based business model
for Paid Facebook Groups!  Caleb O’Dowd will be personally mentoring us on this journey.
The price is reasonable.  It is directly related to my NOW commitment
The monthly investment is a reasonable $97 a month
Currently in Caleb’s group there are 467 members
And these members are running FB Groups and I can study with them

And most important, it does not feel like my just chasing another “shiny object”
Yes! because this is part of my commitment for 2020
To bring Heart Plan Vision out into the world for public engagement
And begin living in a way that is financially solvent while living my “Calling”

I also begin this BLOG journal to track the Launch of Heart Plan Vision to the world!

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Dec 26 2019 – Commitment poem “… Providence moves too”
I am reminded of the great poem on Commitment

Commitment  by William H. Murray
“Until one is committed, there is hesitancy, the chance to draw back
that the moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too.
All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred…..”

And I get the “feeling”
As ‘Source Universe” sees and feels my Commitment
Then now indeed I will have a support
That was not available to me
Until I committed!

Hence what I said earlier,
That when we follow our “Calling”
We are supported in ways,
maybe at first unforeseen,
so that our needs are met. 
We enter into a “Field of Grace”

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Feb 07 2020 – SEO Basics for our website
SEO is a big topic!  I have studied with some of the best SEO experts
and often felt I was ‘way over my head’.  Here I am going to break down for you,
some easy first steps, and what resources have helped me.

What is Important?  Here are a few basics.

Learn about Keywords! and Keyword Resource Tools
There are free resources and also Paid services.  You can learn plenty first with the free tools.
When entering the world of online marketing, you need to know the keywords you will be using,
so the Search Engines (Google, Bing, etc.) can find you. 

Basic SEO for your Website
We choose for our first SEO plugin
“All In One SEO Pack for WordPress”
And a wonderful simple Instructional Video walked us through understanding it with ease
Basic Starter Settings by Wade McMaster

Here is a little observation I have made, once I passed this hurdle and chose a SEO plugin and began using it.
There is something quite exciting about applying SEO to Pages and Posts
Knowing that now Search Engines can find you!  That in itself is motivation for learning this skill!