Online Marketing the Maze

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Definition: MAZE
A network of paths and hedges designed as a puzzle through which one has to find a way

“A maze is a path or collection of paths, typically from an entrance to a goal.
The word is used to refer both to branching tour puzzles through which the solver must find a route, and to simpler non-branching (“unicursal”) patterns that lead
unambiguously through a convoluted layout to a goal.”


Online Business and Digital Marketing

This is how you may be feel in the beginning
It certainly has been my experience

Here we list Resources that come from a wide range of research 
As the resources build, we shall be exploring better ways to help those
ready to take the next times for greater service in the world
while supporting one’s financial sustainability
Through the avenues of Online Business Opportunities
Opportunities Known and New Opportunities that are Arising

Online Business and Digital Marketing

Tips for Focus while working online
Bookmark online resources, and then close out the open tabs on computer
Just keep open web pages currently working with
Bookmark and index the rest of the pages, so you can access them when needed

Keep your computer work space clutter free – easier said than done, understood
Everyday renew commitment to strive for this!

Online Business and Digital Marketing

Tools to Support Developing Online Business Ventures

Resources to help maneuver our way through choosing what WEB TOOLS
to use for our online business ventures

This list is Actively and Ongoing being updated with most relevant resources

Online Business and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Hub for Online Entrepreneurs – FB Group
Leveraging the power of sales funnels, automation tools, and crowd-sourced wisdom
Christian Rauchenwald and Irina Irzaeva
In the FB group, under Units – you’ll see they are very active promoting ClickFunnels resources

“How to Instal the Facebook Pixel on ClickFunnels to Track Conversions” – YouTube 6 min training

Online Business and Digital Marketing