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Otto Scharmer

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Otto Scharmer
Editor of Field of the Future Blog

Global Social Transformation


Social Field Resonance:  How to Research Deep Structures of the Social System

As Systems Collapse, People Rise:  Seven Faces of an Emerging Global Movement

Vertical Literacy:  Reimagining the 21st-Century University

Jacinda Ardern Faced Tragedy With Action and Empathy.  We Should All Learn From Her.

Turning the Tide.  Living Inside the Axial Shift

Axial Shift:  The Decline of Trump, the Rise of the Greens, and the New Coordinates of Societal Change

Facebook and Silicon Valley’s Silent Spring: The Question of Technology

The Future of Leadership Will Be More Feminine

Three Stages of Global Movement Building: Soil, Seed, & Eco-system Activation

Embrace the Journey: The 5 Stages of Corporate Sustainability

How Are You Listening as a Leader?

Education is The Kindling of a Flame: How to Reinvent the 21st-Century University

2018: Moving Beyond Trump — Rebuilding Our Civilizations From Source

Global Social Transformation

Additional Articles Linked to the above resources

Momentum Gathers for a Mission-First Business Model Revolution
New ownership and financing structures cut a path toward an economic system that can solve big world problems
Jasper J. van Brakel


Presencing Institute
“We believe it is possible to create results
that serve the wellbeing of all.
We co-create innovation labs, deliver capacity building programs and conduct action research worldwide
in order to support and scale profound societal innovation.”

“The breadth and depth of this Presencing Institute effort is amazing.
Not sure I’ve seen spiritual wisdom presented and executed in such comprehensive, practical,
real-world terms, and on a wide and growing scale as well. Very encouraging and inspiring.”
–  Ronald Fel Jones

Learning Network on Sustainability international

Love this entirely new way of defining the role that universities play in the rebirth of civil society.
A current example of this unity of research is the International Learning Network on Sustainability,
a network of 36 universities across Europe, South America, Africa and Asia,
all committed to copy left and open source research
Michael Haupt
Project managing humanity’s great transition | writer | speaker | strategic foresight practitioner |

In-progress book: Society 4.0 — Humanity’s Epic Journey

Global Social Transformation


Global Climate Action: A 3 Part Series by Otto Scharmer
A Rich Source to Study in Depth – we just link to the source here

Bringing state-of-the-art systems change methods to the evolution of new social architecture

Discussed in this 3 part series

Global Climate Action I: The Power of Soil
Otto Scharmer

Global Climate Action II: The Power of Direct Democracy
Otto Scharmer

Global Climate Action III: The Power of Consciousness
Otto Scharmer

Global Social Transformation