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Many Inspired and Necessary Due to the Covid Era

The Malone Doctrine
A Declaration of Independence
From The Decisions of Institutions That Lack Integrity
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Basic principles of scientific integrity

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Onboarding new employees/volunteers
Mission statement
Conflict of Interest policy
Individual pledge as a scientist and physician
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Global Social Transformation

Physicians Declaration – Updated
Global Covid Summit
Oct 29 2021

“WE, THE PHYSICIANS OF THE WORLD, united and loyal to the Hippocratic Oath, recognizing the imminent threat to humanity brought forth by current Covid-19 policies, are compelled to declare the following….”

Declaration IV – Restore Scientific Integrity
A Joint Statement, representing 17,000 Physicians and Medical Scientists to end the National Emergency, Restore Scientific Integrity, and Address Crimes Against Humanity.
Physicians and Medical Scientists
May 11, 2022

Physicians Declaration – Original Declaration
Global Covid Summit – Rome Italy
International Alliance of Physicians and Medical Scientists
September, 2021

Global Social Transformation

Law: A Historical Retrospective
Global Social Transformation
Your voice matters; stand with us to demand transparency.
Our Stand
Since COVID-19 was declared a public health emergency in January of last year, life as we know it has dramatically changed. What was supposed to be two weeks to “flatten the curve” has turned into unending lockdowns and a bevy of restrictions affecting every single person in this country.
Healthcare services, school attendance, mass transit, air travel, teleworking, family gatherings, religious worship, births, deaths and more have all been predicated on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Our lives are now dictated by the rise and fall of COVID-19 data — both cases and deaths — on a week-by-week or even day-by-day basis. However, evidence continues to mount that our current state of emergency is being driven by data that was flawed at the hands of the CDC.
In March 2020, the CDC changed the protocols for how death certificates are recorded, significantly altering death certificate reporting. However, the CDC did so for only one type of death — COVID 19 — and allegedly without following the proper federal requirements. Soon after, the CDC adopted the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists’ April 15, 2020 position paper for defining what constitutes a COVID case. However, it did so without implementing known safeguards to ensure that single individuals would not be counted multiple times, thus altering case counts and subsequent data.
Government accuracy, transparency and integrity are paramount, particularly during a national crisis. It is not acceptable that the agency that is entrusted with protecting the health of our country set the stage for widespread national devastation — physical, psychological and economic.
As a result of flawed data, countless Americans are being forced to die all alone, inflicting significant trauma on them and their loved ones; pregnant women are being forced to give birth all alone and are being subjected to other policies that jeopardize their and their newborns’ health; small businesses are being forced to permanently close their operations; children are being separated from their peers and their institutions of support (educational and otherwise); medical treatments are being withheld from people in need; and more.
The prolonged state of emergency has resulted in food insecurity, poverty, social isolation, an uptick in suicides and mental health issues, a rise in family violence and many other consequences that have been dire to the American public. Had COVID-19 data not been compromised, our state of emergency conditions and responses would have likely been vastly different, with far fewer negative consequences to the American public.
Act now to hold the CDC accountable for its actions! With just one click, you can send a pre-drafted email to key congressional committee members urging them to investigate the CDC’s conduct during COVID-19. Let them know that, in addition to accurate data, the American people should be able to count on the CDC to operate with transparency, accountability and integrity. Urge your federal lawmakers to hold a special congressional hearing and to launch a formal investigation in to these matters. When you’re finished, please share this campaign with others so that together we can take back public health!
Call to Action
There is nothing more important to effective public health policy than having accurate and verifiable data.
It appears, however, that the CDC irreparably compromised COVID-19 data quality during a time of public crisis by 1) abruptly implementing new procedures for capturing COVID-19 mortality data via a March 24, 2020 document from the CDC’s National Vital Statistics System, thereby significantly altering death certificate reporting and 2) adopting the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists’ April 15, 2020 position paper for defining what constitutes a COVID case — without implementing safeguards to ensure that single individuals would not be counted multiple times, thus altering case counts and subsequent data.
More than 15,000 hours of investigative research shows that these practices have significantly affected COVID-19 data aggregation and interpretation. Moreover, the CDC’s actions appear to be in violation of three federal laws: the Administrative Procedures Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act, and the Information Quality Act — laws that were specifically put into place to protect the welfare of the millions of Americans whose affairs are regulated by federal government agencies.
Compromised Data Is Far More Than Numbers; It Affects Each and Every American
The CDC’s apparent failure to follow established laws comes with great costs to society. Had the CDC not changed course and compromised COVID-19 data, our state of emergency conditions and responses would have likely been vastly different — with considerably fewer negative consequences to the American public.
Over the past year, countless loved ones have been forced to die all alone, inflicting significant trauma on them and their family members. Pregnant women have been forced to birth all alone and subjected to other CDC policies that are not evidence-based. Businesses that individuals spent their lifetime’s building have been forced to close. Children have been unable to attend school. Adults and children have been separated from their peers and their systems of support. Some individuals have been unable to get needed medical assistance; others are stuck at home with their abusers.
In short, the COVID-19 crisis has caused unprecedented upheaval across the globe, fueling an increase in poverty, food insecurity, financial insecurity, depression, mental illness, suicides, child abuse, domestic violence, substance and alcohol abuse, and more.
Global Social Transformation

Silence is Considered Consent!

Make your own Public Declaration of Sovereign Human Rights
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“Petitions are a Pleading with the Abusers to Stop Abusing Us,
Where Declarations Assert our Rights on the Planet to not be Violated!
– Seven

Global Social Transformation

Feb 24 2021
Letter to David Warburton MP
Introduction of Health Passports for both public and private sector, in a bid to restart the travel and hospitality industries, making the vaccine indirectly compulsory will hinder unvaccinated individuals to resume access to these services. Although Britain was previously formally ruling out ‘Immunity Passports”, the biometrics firm IPROOV and cybersecurity firm MVINE have developed a vaccine passport, which will be optionally provided as an app on phones of those vaccinated, now extra funding has been pumped in to make this a Vaccine Passport Scheme. Andrew Bud COE of the IPROOV, said the system will be integrated with the NHS, and could be rolled out to everyone in the country.
Last year in November, vaccine minister Nadhim Zahawi had suggested that pubs and business could opt to deny entry to customers who have refused vaccination and there was a suggestion of an Immunity Passport. Boris Jonson PM has also announced Freedom Passes may come into effect.
It is somewhat clear that the governments may not directly force people to take the Covid19 vaccine, as it will be a breach of law and disastrous from a public relations viewpoint. However, Immunity passports are an indirect way of achieving the same goal.
Current legislation does not cover this point of businesses requiring employees to vaccinate to before coming to work, therefore this is a request to the Government to act immediately to address this. Pimlico plumbers have already imposed these restrictions within their company policy.
International Health Regulations prohibit health measures that are discriminatory and impede international travel. The UK should adopt such regulation to domestic law. The prospects for discrimination under ‘Health Passport’ scheme are some of the most serious of any digital policy proposed in a democracy, ever.
Please show your support to this very important issue by signing this petition / letter to David Warburton MP to address this before it’s too late.

Global Social Transformation

This Petition is fully copied here as a sample of the wording included in a pro-active petition.

Say NO to a forced coronavirus vaccine and other compulsory medical interventions.
Active June 2020

Not Just Another Petition

Why Sign this Petition?

Sign a Stand for Health Freedom petition to hold elected officials at every level of government accountable for the preservation of health freedom. By signing, you are joining our mission to uphold basic human rights, constitutional rights and parental rights — and strengthening a rapidly growing voting bloc of more than 100,000 advocates who stand stronger together. As relevant legislation arises at the federal level or that affects your state, we will send you urgent opportunities to stand.

How Will this Petition Be Used?

The results of the petition will be shared with policymakers at every level and with the media to amplify your voice. Together we will urge our elected officials to strongly oppose any policy calling for medical mandates, including a mandatory coronavirus vaccine.

The Petition:

As pharmaceutical companies around the world rush to bring a coronavirus vaccine to market, I strongly object to being forced to receive the vaccine when it becomes available. I oppose any government measures that call for coerced or mandated medical interventions, including mandatory coronavirus vaccinations, and I will vote for my representatives accordingly. No pharmaceutical product or procedure should ever be forced, particularly a fast-tracked, experimental vaccine that is free from liability for any harm it might cause — be it a reaction, injury or death.

I recognize that our officials are charged with safeguarding public health by slowing the spread of infectious disease, but they also took a sworn oath to uphold the civil and constitutional rights of their constituents. One cannot be sacrificed or exchanged for the other. Medical mandates have no place in a free society and violate free, prior and informed consent. As such, I join the undersigned in urging policymakers at every level of government to immediately reject all calls for mandatory coronavirus vaccinations. Without health freedom there is no true freedom.

Are You Ready To Give Up Everything Over A Virus?

Immense fear of the coronavirus, along with sweeping government-imposed shutdowns and stay-at-home orders, have crippled entire populations. Authorities now say the only way out is a vaccine for all along with 24/7 tracking and surveillance. Bill Gates, a tech billionaire who uses his wealth and status to influence policy, has gone on record saying that life will not return to normal until we can vaccinate the entire global population against COVID-19. Gates has also suggested that the coronavirus vaccine might become part of routine newborn immunizations. To that end, he is pushing for disease surveillance and a vaccine tracking system that might involve embedding vaccination records into our bodies through quantum dot technology.According to Gates, “normal” may never return to those who refuse vaccination, as the digital vaccination certificate he is pushing for might ultimately be required to participate in society. This includes such things as finding or maintaining employment, renewing a driver’s license, obtaining social services, or traveling domestically or abroad. Immunity certificates, microchipping, forced vaccination and the removal of children from their homes are just a few of the draconian measures being threatened in the wake of COVID-19.

In April, the Rockefeller Foundation released a white paper, “National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan — Strategic Steps to Reopen Our Workplaces and Our Communities,” which calls for testing and tracing all Americans using a national database connected to other health records. The plan sets aside privacy concerns while requiring your immune status to be validated before entering schools, office buildings, places of work, airports, concerts, sport venues and much more. It also suggests that weekly immunity testing should be required as a requisite for entering society.

Mandatory medicine is bad policy, as it removes the right of individuals to opt out of vaccination and other medical interventions should they determine that those interventions are not in their (or their child’s) best interest. Mandating liability-free products, including the impending coronavirus vaccine that will be developed and distributed at “warp speed,” is not only bad policy, it’s reckless. Congress acknowledges that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe” in the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Moreover, a fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine without any long-term safety data renders the men, women and children who receive the vaccine as a part of a mass human experiment, with the only real safety trials coming via the post-marketing surveillance of adverse effects; this goes against medical ethical principles and further demonstrates the need for full informed consent prior to vaccination. That’s the only protocol that will enable people to decide whether they want to submit to an experimental vaccine with an unknown risk profile in order to avoid a virus with an estimated 99% or higher survival rate.

As we get closer to the potential rollout of one of the dozen-plus coronavirus vaccines in development, the big question is will the vaccine that has emphasized “speed over safety” be mandatory? Moreover, will opting out restrict how you can financially provide for your family, where your children can attend school, if you can renew your driver’s license, or if you’re allowed to cross state lines to visit family?

The United States is a country that was built on principles of freedom of choice and personal responsibility: freedom of economy, freedom of education, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom to own property and freedom to vote, among other freedoms. There’s no freedom more important than the freedom to choose how you care for yourself and for your children in a manner that aligns with your personal beliefs. The ultimate authority to choose or reject any medical procedure, free from threats or compulsion, lies with the individual. Medical bullying and medical coercion have no place in a free country. The right to decline a medical intervention that can kill or injure you is a basic human right, and that right must be upheld.

As such, the government should not impose medical mandates to seek compliance. Medical mandates perpetuate the idea that individuals lack the moral or intellectual capacity to make sound decisions for themselves and their children, so the state needs to do it for them. Individuals are capable of making responsible health decisions, and those decisions must take a person’s whole health into account. The health of the individual cannot be forsaken in the name of containing a virus. After all, we can only have a healthy society when that society is made up of healthy individuals. Health is a personal right and responsibility. It is not something that we should look to the government to bestow on us or guarantee.

In addition to protecting public safety, elected officials have an obligation to uphold the civil liberties and constitutional rights of their constituents. One cannot be sacrificed or exchanged for the other. Sound public health policy is centered on (1) empowering individuals to take responsibility for their health (2) laying a foundation to make that possible through clean drinking water, clean air, a nutrient-dense food supply and health education programs and (3) ensuring that one person’s health is not sacrificed for others. No one should ever have to be collateral damage in a war against infectious disease.

We are committed to STANDING together to change history by supporting public policies that simultaneously promote individual health, public health and health freedom. Do your part to halt the rise of tyranny and stand for what is and always will be yours — governance over your body and your children.

Emmanuel Dagher