We bring forth and offer to the “Collective Mind”
Projects in Design

These are a collection of first draft notes captured as ideas come forth
To be expanded upon in due time, as inspiration is received.


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The New 1 Percent

Billionaire Redirect Project

Clean Ocean Movement

Climate Chaos

Eat Less Meat

Ecological Predictions

Electro Regenerative Technology

Headlines to Ponder

Homeless Crisis to Affordable Housing

Global Awakening Show

Heart Plan Vision Talks

New Earth Innovators

Nuclear Contamination

Radical Clean Up the World Projects

Transformative Solutions

Visioning a New Humanity


For a glimpse into Heart Plan Vision larger project
check out this page
The Book
“Visions for a Heart Centered World”
Here we will be flushing out a Radical collection of visions for projects
to help during these momentous times of change