Global Awakening Show

Planet Love Emmanuel Dagher


A few moons ago, when I was in my prime of dance and performing in local community concerts, I birthed this idea of a dance theatrical show that would travel internationally.

Over the years I released the vision back to Source Creator.

Every now and again, the vision returns.  So here, I will jot down, the ideas as they re-emerge now, with ideas relevant to the times we are currently in.  It is the music that first moves me, and stimulates the ideas for building out the story for the “Show”.

The following ideas are in process of being expanded upon

Ideas for Building out the show in collaboration with others
around the Unites States and Internationally

Collaborate with Non-Profits

Tele-summit on Non-Profit Activism

PDF of all the Songs Lyrics and Visioning Book Creation

April 11 2019 – initial notes

The show design is built around a collection of songs, that most inspire Shema, and have a message and wonderful rhythm, that help give direction to the dance choreography. 

Here is a PDF of the most recent ideas, that have been flushed out so far.
Global Awakening Notes


Global Awakening Show Research
Here we note ideas for the show, as they “come through” inspirations
A work in progress