Propaganda and Big Pharma Exposed

Propaganda Exposed

The unholy dynasty of the big drug companies,
the medical establishment,
the Rockefeller syndicate
and the evils of the cut-slash-and-burn cancer racket

“Eustace Mullins (1923-2010), discusses one of his best-selling books; ‘Murder by Injection’ exposing the unholy dynasty of the big drug companies, the medical establishment, the Rockefeller syndicate and the evils of the cut-slash-and-burn cancer racket that has killed millions in the name of ‘fighting cancer.’

While there are many books on the corruption of modern medicine, there is no other book out there that so effectively tells the whole story as does this seminal volume, laying bare the criminal machinations of those who profit in the name of “promoting good health.” The federal bureaucracy that ostensibly “regulates” the big drug companies is all part and parcel of the problem.”

Eustace Mullins – Murder by Injection (Full Length)

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Murder by Injection, The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America
By Eustace Mullins

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Murder By Injection
The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America
By Eustace Mullins

“The present work, the result of some forty years of investigative research, is a logical progression from my previous books: the expose of the international control of monetary issue and banking practices in the United States; a later work revealing the secret network of organizations through which these alien forces wield political power-the secret committees, foundations, and political parties through which their hidden plans are implemented; and now; to the most vital issue of all, the manner in which these depredations affect the daily lives and health of American citizens.

Despite the great power of the hidden rulers, I found that only one group has the power to issue life or death sentences to any American-our nation’s physicians. I discovered that these physicians, despite their great power, were themselves subjected to very strict controls over every aspect of their professional lives. These controls, surprisingly enough, were not wielded by any state or federal agency, although almost every other aspect of American life is now under the absolute control of the bureaucracy. The physicians have their own autocracy, a private trade association, the American Medical Association.

This group, which is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, had gradually built up its power until it assumed total control over medical schools and the accreditation of physicians. The trail of these manipulators led me straight to the same lairs of the international conspirators whom I had exposed in previous books. I knew that they had already looted America, reduced its military power to a dangerously low level, and imposed bureaucratic controls on every American. I now discovered that their conspiracies also directly affected the health of every American. This conspiracy has resulted in a documented decline in the health of our citizens. We now rank far down the list of civilized nations in infant mortality and other significant medical statistics.

I was able to document the shocking record of these cold-blooded tycoons who not only plan and carry out famines, economic depressions, revolutions and wars, but who also find their greatest profits in their manipulations of our medical care. The cynicism and malice of these conspirators is something beyond the imagination of most Americans. They deliberately mulct our people of millions of dollars each year through ”charitable” organizations and then use these same organizations as key groups to bolster their Medical Monopoly.

Fear and intimidation are the basic techniques by which the conspirators maintain their control
over all aspects of our health care, as they ruthlessly crush any competitor who challenges their profits.

As in other aspects of their ”behavioural control” over the American people, their most constantly used weapon against us is their employment of federal agents and federal agencies to carry out their intrigues. The proof of this operation may be the most disturbing revelation of my work.”

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Propaganda Exposed!
Documentary Mini-series held May 4th 2022
Another impactful offering from Charlene & Ty Bollinger

What if the US Government knowingly performed medical experiments on its own citizens, without their knowledge or consent? Discover the TRUTH in this eye-opening documentary – “Propaganda EXPOSED!” Don’t miss this incredible FREE broadcast.

Global Social Transformation

In total, over 50 doctors, scientists, health experts, and freedom fighters are featured in this “one of a kind” docu-series which will change lives, influence friends and family, and quite possibly “wake up” enough people to create a “tipping point” for truth and liberty.

It’s time to expose the propaganda and lies! It’s time to unite to fight back the forces of evil and censorship when it comes to freedom of choice in medical treatments, as well as saying “no” to forced vaccines. If we don’t stand up for health freedom and liberty now, then we may lose it forever.

Global Social Transformation

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Big Pharma Exposed
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Oftentimes, today’s doctors are trained, funded, and accountable to Big Pharma. Our friends, Ty and Charlene Bollinger, over at The Truth About Cancer® have put together a collection of true stories from the past several years exposing the corruption of Big Pharma.

They’ve compiled these stories in a 75-page eBook – ‘Big Pharma EXPOSED!’ — which you can get as a download FREE, right now!

Big Pharma Exposed

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177 Years of Medical Experimentation
Just the table of contents alone is mind bending!

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Sayer Ji Propaganda Exposed

The following gives you a feel for the material covered in the docu-series


Nov 9 – 17 2022
Propaganda Exposed Uncensored

10/31/2022 Health Ranger Report with Mike Adams ft. Ty and Charlene Bollinger
This interview discusses the relaunch of the Propaganda Exposed Docuseries, fully updated

Episode 1 11/9
A Primer on Pervasive Propaganda
From the Founding Fathers to Flexner to Fauci

Episode 2 11/10
Cancer & Cannabis | Germ Hunters | Medical Experiments
PCR * HIV * AIDS * AZT * CIA * HELA * SV40 * 9/11

Episode 3 11/11
Vaccine Adverse Events & CDC Coverups
Practitioner Persecution * Intellectual Idiocy * Political Poppycock

Episode 4 11/12
Race-Specific “Top Secret” Vaccines
Man-made Viruses & Putting Profits over People

Episode 5 11/13
Government Coercion & CDC Fraud
Pfizer Prevarications & Natural Immunity

Episode 6 11/14
The Federal Reserve | Fluoride Facts | Scientific Fraud
Collectivism * Covid Bigotry * Vaccine Prejudice

Episode 7 11/15
Cancer-Causing Vaccines & Depopulation
GMO * Genocide * Geoengineering

Episode 8 11/16
The Great Reset * Global Surveillance * Track & Trace

Episode 9 11/17

Global Social Transformation