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American Center for Law and Justice
“This is one of our largest legal efforts ever, and now we need YOU to take action with us.
Petition To Defeat President Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate”

Stop Biden’s Unconstitutional Vaccine Mandate

“President Biden’s vaccine mandate is an unconstitutional abuse of federal power.

The Biden Administration issued a federal rule forcing employers of 100 or more individuals to require their employees to get the COVID vaccine – under threat of draconian penalties that could crush our economy.

This is an extreme federal overreach of power and violates numerous provisions of the U.S. Constitution.

For more than three decades, the ACLJ has been defending the constitutional rights of conservative organizations and businesses against unconstitutional government overreach – winning cases against the HHS abortion-pill mandate and the IRS targeting of conservative organizations.

Now we are once again taking direct legal action to defend the Constitution and personal liberty, filing a lawsuit in federal appeals court against Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate. We are honored to represent The Heritage Foundation – one of the largest conservative organizations in the nation dedicated to limited government and individual freedom. As The Heritage Foundation put it, “[W]e view this mandate as a deadly serious threat to our individual liberty and the values that make America great.”

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A giant Florida hospital system has ended its vaccine mandate
Dec 5 2021

“Advent Health will no longer require its 83,000 employees to be vaccinated against Covid.
Given the fact the mandates are causing crippling staff shortages around the country, expect other hospitals and healthcare providers to follow soon.
Amazing that rules that are likely never even to take formal effect have caused such a crisis. Just another gift from Uncle Joe this holiday season.”

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Disney World halts vaccine requirement for workers after Florida restricts employer mandates
Nov 21 2021

“Disney has halted a coronavirus vaccine requirement for workers at Walt Disney World in Florida after Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed legislation last week restricting such mandates for workplaces.”

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Gov. DeSantis signs legislation against Covid-19 mandates
Nov 18 2021

“Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Thursday, Nov 18 2021, signed what he called “the strongest piece of legislation that’s been enacted anywhere in the country” in opposition to coronavirus vaccination mandates on workers.

Flanked by Republican legislative leaders, DeSantis officially made Florida the first state with a law that imposes fines on businesses and hospitals that require inoculation against Covid-19 without exemptions or alternatives.”

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BREAKING: OSHA announces it will comply with 5th Circuit Appeals Court and SUSPEND Biden’s vaccine mandate
Wed, Nov 17, 2021 by: Mike Adams

“The idea that OSHA could deprive Americans of the right to work based on their decision to reject an experimental, deadly injection that has already killed at least 18,000+ Americans (vaers.hhs.gov) represent gross overreach of a federal agency. No covid vaccine available in the USA has been approved by the FDA (the agency has only approved the “Comirnity” vaccine), and even if the vaccine were 100% safe and effective, it would still be illegal to force people to take it. The fact that Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are still experimental (authorized under EUA, not “approved” by the FDA) makes the forcing of such shots on the American people a violation of Nuremburg codes against forced medical experimentation on human beings.

Credible estimates of the number of Americans killed by covid vaccines range from 250,000 (Dr. Zev Zelenko) to over 1.8 million (a projection of the fact that VAERS only captures about 1% of deaths). Vaccine mandates are murdering American workers and causing severe economic distress, supply chain disruptions, product shortages and untold pain and suffering.”

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Employers liable for damages

Oklahoma Senate Bill 1106

Oklahoma Bill Would Allow Workers To Sue Employers For $1M Over Harm From Vaccine Requirements
Nov 15 2021

“An Oklahoma Senate bill could allow employees of government and private entities to sue their employers for up to $1 million over health problems resulting from COVID-19 vaccine requirements.

State Sen. Rob Standridge (R-OK) introduced Senate Bill 1106, the “Citizen Health Mandate Protection Act,”. The bill would allow employees to sue their employers over medical issues related to any operations made mandatory as a condition of employment. If an employee is harmed by a forced medical operation, the employer could be liable for as much as $1 million.”

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Emergency Campaign to Stop All COVID Vaccination Mandates
Children’s Health Defense

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11,000 Boeing Employees Have Asked for Exemption From COVID Vaccine Mandate
Nov 9 2021

“About 11,000 Boeing Co. employees have asked to be exempted from COVID-19 vaccines the planemaker has mandated, according to a person briefed on the matter, a sign of backlash among some rank-and-file workers to the Biden administration’s rules for government contractors.

Nearly 9% of the company’s U.S. workforce are balking at the policy.”

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The Stay of the OSHA Vaccine Mandate Remains in Place – video of the filing
Nov 12 2021

“Nov 12 2021 the ruling of the fifth circuit Court of Appeals was made to continue the stay of the OSHA Vaccine Mandate every business with 100 or more employees. The petitioners against the Mandate want a permanent injunction against it, and the court will decide on that in the near future.”

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Tennessee Governor Signs Law to Ban COVID-19 Vaccine Passports
Nov 13 2021
The measure, HB 9077/SB 9014, link to PDF

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Liberty Council
Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against Vaccine Mandates
Oct 21 2021

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England drops plans for mandatory vaccine passes for events
Sept 21 2021

“There had been an outcry against the scheme, which the entertainment industry feared would be a big blow to their post-pandemic reopening

A scheme for vaccine passports or so-called COVID pass for entry to nightclubs and other large events in England will not go ahead, the UK government announced on Sunday.”

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