Reflections on Ecological Disasters

2018  A Year of Devastation in California with Wildfires








Shema dedicates this page for all those who have suffered from an Ecological Disaster
May you gain strength and hope from these reflective experiences of
Shock, Terror, Deep Loss, Grief, and then New Perspectives and Deep Learnings

July 26 2018

California’s Carr Fire Spawned A True Fire Tornado

“On July 26, 2018, the so-called Carr Fire outside Redding, Calif., spawned the strongest tornado in state history: a fire tornado, or firenado.

This rare and terrifying phenomenon was only the second true fire tornado in recorded history — and the first witnessed in the United States.”

Ecological Disasters

For Shema, it got very personal. 

“The home I was living in burned to the ground in the Carr Fire. 
My neighborhood was engulfed in a huge terrifying fire-tornado.
And my dear dog companion was home alone, and died tragically as the fire engulfed our home.
I was blessed and protected by being away from the house at the time the fire hit the neighborhood.
It also meant, though, I was not home for Zuki,
my beloved friend companion of the heart and my giver of joy.”

A friend suggested to share here some reflections on the experience.
I have been documenting some of my journey on my Facebook page,
in the form of Albums.

For now I will share links to the Albums,
in case you have access to Social Media.

After the Fire

Post Fire A New Me Emerging

In Loving Memory (Zuki)

A Place Beyond Fear

Transformation to Butterfly

Healing Through Grieving

2019 Shema’s Year Long Journal
Further healing and integration into wholeness, after the 2018 horrifying California fires

I shall add more reflections as the creative muse arises to capture the learnings that continue to arise
all the while sending you comfort and strength, if you have gone through something similar.

Believe in your own Re-Emergence.
I believe in you. 

Ecological Disasters

Then, in November 2018 California was hit with even a more devastating fire,
actually destroying the town of Paradise in Northern California, called the Camp Fire.   Estimated 6,000-plus homes were destroyed, and 84 tragic deaths.

In the News June 16 2020 Is this headline

PG&E Pleads Guilty to 84 Deaths in 2018 California Wildfire

Pacific Gas & Electric confessed Tuesday to killing 84 people in a devastating 2018 wildfire that wiped out the Northern California town of Paradise in November 2018. “Our equipment started that fire,” said Johnson, who apologized directly to the victims’ families. ”PG&E will never forget the Camp Fire and all that it took away from the region.”

“Since filing for bankruptcy early last year, PG&E says it has been dramatically altering a corporate culture that prioritized profits for its shareholders over the safety of the 16 million people who rely on the utility.

The company says it is being more vigilant about trimming trees around its power lines and replacing outdated equipment before it crumbles, although Alsup has repeatedly scolded PG&E for not doing even more to ensure its grid doesn’t cause more tragedy.  As part of a deal with California power regulators, PG&E will replace 11 of its 14 board members.  CEO Bill Johnson will step down June 30.

Despite PG&E’s pledge, critics fear more danger looms during an upcoming wildfire season after an unusually dry winter in Northern California.”

Ecological Disasters

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