Resources for the Self and Self Exploration

In this section we will be sharing resources, mostly FREE,
and often easily found on YouTube
To help with Self Explorations


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Stay tuned – as some of our favorite specific recordings will be listed here with links
For now just easy YouTube searches on these names will bring up a wealth of choices
to explore o
n their offerings


Abraham – the Esther Hicks material

Michael Sealey guided meditations



Mooji has so many videos on YouTube

Here is a wonderful sampling
Even “Enlightenment”, Forget About It! (2/5) – Mooji
“your self … being made an aspiration of something to reach,
where actually you already are that”
“the mind tries to hypnotize the beingness”

Even “Enlightenment”, Forget About It! (3/5) – Mooji
“coming close to discovery, the mind takes you off the scent”


The Public Library

The Public Library


The Public Library in your local neighborhood
This is a Resource of such great value
And one I often forget about


I’ve been enjoying checking out books & tapes at the library
Before deciding if to buy them
It is a wonderful way to first get a good feel for a book/tape



The following links are to individual pages under this main Resources page


ANGELS are real!  – at least this is what I have come to believe
A wonderful woman and author, Lorna Byrne has written best selling books on how
she has been seeing angels all her life.  Her mission here is to let us know Angels are real.
We each have a Guardian Angel and there are millions of Angels available to assist us.
We just need to ask!


Archetypal Stories