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Please enjoy our Facebook (FB)  ‘Specialty Topics’ Community Pages

As you’ll see, we have covered a pretty wide range of topics.

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Sha’s Collection of Favorites

Below are listed all the Page titles, so you can get a glimpse of the topics we cover. 
Here are the main categories the ‘Pages’ are listed under

Health & Nutrition
Heart Plan Vision Global Interests
Nature & Environment
Spiritual, Magical & Fun

These are the TITLES of each Page by Category

Category: Animals

Amazing Animals, Sea Life and Wildlife
Animal Babies Precious and So Cute

Animal Families Love Connection and Fun
Birds of Magnificent Beauty
Whales and Dolphins Ocean Joy

Category: Business

A Community of TeleSummits, Virtual Conferences & Webcasts
Blogs Radio Podcasts & Newsfeeds
Books Read Educate Delight Inspire
Personal & Biz Support & Publish Books’ Tips
Internet Freedom, Social Media, SEO & Technology

Category: Health & Nutrition

Fruits and Vegetables Delicious Vitality
Good Health & Fitness Enhances Happiness

Healing Cures Super Foods & Beauty Tips
Healing Paths and Perspectives
Healthy Food Sensory Pleasures
Joy of People, Family, Children, Education & Travel
Raw Sweets and Delectables


Category: Heart Plan Vision Global Interests

Diary of a Path With Heart
Electro Smog, GMO’s, Vaccines, Radiation & Chemtrails
Global & Ecological Issues of our Times
Healing Racism, Social Justice, Indigenous Wisdom
Heart Plan Vision

Heart Plan Vision Portal Project IDEAS
Inspired Finest & Brightest Moments
Interviews, Conferences and Explorations of Human Evolution
Projects for Solving the Huge Global Challenges
Voting Rights, Campaign Reform, Congress Accountability


Category: Horses (a favorite interest of Shema’s)

Beauty of Black Horses
Celebrating the Magic of Horses
Favorite Racehorse Stories and Horse Connections
Horses in Silver Satin White Beauty
Paints Pintos Appaloosas
Precious Foals, Ponies and Minis
Soul of Horse Art Unicorns and Pegasus Mystical Tales


Category: Music

Music and Songs of Joy and Upliftment
Music Dance Grooves

Music for Healing the Less than Happy Heart
Music for Romance


Category: Nature & Environment

Flowers and Gardens of Great Delight Beauty
Food, Forests, Soil, Farming, Organics
Gaia Beautiful Earth Mother
Homes of Beauty Grand Architecture Eco Friendly
Reflections on Water
Stunning Waterfalls, Rivers, Lakes, Ocean
Sun Moon Galactic Enchantment


Category: Spiritual, Magical & Fun

Angels, Fairies, Fantasy and the Magical
Ascension Preparation
Exquisite Art Dance Creativity
Favorite Spiritual Practices
Forgiveness, Gratitude, Kindness and Compassion
Heart Images Love Art
Laughter Fun Play Cuteness
Movies Documentaries DVDs Fun and Inform
Sacred Love Relationship
Prosperity, Wealth, Wisdom and Divine Inspirations