SEO Services


We offer various packages in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for increasing your websites visibility on Google and other search engines.

The SEO business side of Heart Plan Vision contains within it the purpose to help fund the unfoldment of Heart Plan Vision. This business venture seeks to demonstrate congruence with the overall strength of Heart Plan Vision – that of helping to EDUCATE, NETWORK AND TEAM BUILD a vision for a vibrant sustainable future where all life on Earth is supported with the conditions for living a life where we all can thrive. 

After 2+ years of extensive study in SEO basics, studying with many of the best SEO experts online today, we have built a stellar team, each team sector focusing on one aspect of SEO.

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We offer a sprectrum of SEO services.  You can pick and choose which SEO tactic/strategy and sequence to apply to your business website, and our team does the work for you, while giving you updates along the way, as to progress being made in your site gaining greater visibility in the search engines.  For a small business, wanting to be very strategic with their marketing budget, this is sometimes a good way to go.  The business chooses how much to invest each month. 

We also offer the SEO Optimization option where you go for the full package of SEO services and we choose the sequence and timing for actions to optimize your website, all the while keeping you updated on your site progress. 

Together we track and measure your progress. This way actions are taken on your site in gradual natural ways, which is what Google, and other search engines want to see.


Google, and other Search Engines like to see a website get natural “organic” traffic. This shows that a site has recognized value and people visit it for the valued content.  That is a big reason why SEO takes time, over a period of months.  This way it looks like the business is building up a good reputation in a natural way, taking into account the natural ebb and flow of online traffic finding your services.  Also it shows an organic flow to the timing of how quality content and links are added to your site. 


We help you structure your content on your website, optimizing it, so search engines (Google, YouTube, etc.) easily find your content, as people do searches online.  We’re looking to see your site show up on the top half of Page one in Google, when people search for topics (keywords) your service can address. 

Ideally, as you demonstrate being a reputable service, with valued content, over time you are able to hold your high ranking on Google, in a natural way, and do not have to pay for expensive Ad Campaigns , where you pay each time someone clicks on your link in a search engine (called PPC – Pay Per Click).


We hold the intention for building a solid integral foundation within the business model, so to be able to offer a service of lasting sustainable value. 


Shema has entered into the online business community through a complex path of information overload.  Now, in deep recovering practice, she is well aware of the value of taking small, incremental steps towards a vision, all the while Measuring Progress and Integrating in Understanding and Value.  She brings these learnings into her business services.  Holding intention for Integration, Understanding and Alignment with True Values in all we do. 

SEO works well in a similar way, as the search engines recognize a business as delivering good solid value,
the search engines give the business more visibility in online searches.  This recognition and trust is built over time.  So too, SEO practices take time, as we always seek to develop a natural progression of ever greater business recognition online.  

In other words, as a business builds a solid, reliable and steady online presence,
with reliable value being offered with consistency, and
helping customers and clients understand, utilize and benefit from their services;
over time this builds a web presence that Google, and other search engines can trust. 
SEO can support this development and recognition in efficient and quite effective ways. 


Seeing business and the personal as an inter-connected whole. 
Appreciating how delicious life can be when we move at a pace that allows us to savor our experiences,
and Integrate in our Learnings. 

Stacking and Building, on a solid foundation, a life of wonder and meaning, purpose and fulfillment,
and all the while thriving financially, while our business ventures represent deep congruence with our most treasured values.