Shema Reflections from the Heart

I am reviewing journal notes, simplifying and releasing the past.
Here are some “keeper” reflections. 


I’m tuned into the Field of Grace now – and trust all my needs are beautifully met Now and Always.
– Shema  9.14.18


I am in a deep dialogue with my God within.
As i create my Life anew from a deep core foundation of newness. 

Good newness.  A profoundly healthy and happy newness.
A space where I place no limits on my dreams. 

Feeling into each desire. 
My focus – to get so aligned with each vision, that I know it to be true.
To continue dreaming and refining. 

Living into the vision of the ideal and who I am within that DREAM. 
All things are possible with God. 
This I KNOW.
God within has just been waiting for me to say “YES” to a bigger life. 
And now I AM. 
  – Shema   10.11.18