Shema Skills Range

Shema Satya

In a process of uncovering my most heart centered gifts, talents, offerings. 
Pursuits over the years,
Observations from others as to strengths.


Overall I AM a lover of Jah!
and it comes through most as a Writer and Visionary Idea Generator


Number One that stands out – Love of Learning
Most recently this love is around the topics of online marketing
and ways to bring forth one’s passions and gifts through the
medium of the internet, so to have a global outreach and inpact.
Along with decades love of studying world conditions
and visions for moving into a New Earth.

Journey Sessions with Shema
One on One sessions (in nature, on phone).

Walks in nature, most especially around favorite lakes.
Discussions and explorations within the Self.
Shadow work, Parts Integration work, Ho’oponopono, EFT, Rebirthing.
Processes offered are from Shema’s own individual healing on herself.

Holding space as an individual talks and explores their journey story,
often gaining insights on their own.  There is power in being witnessed.
A person’s own High Self is the best source of wisdom guidance.
As I get more accomplished to listening within to my own guidance,
I am better equipped to hold space for another, trusting their own
guidance knows best.

Shema as ‘Scribe’ 
One friend in particular was especially benefited by my summary
of reflections from a session we had together, as I pulled out highlights
from what was explored.  She felt I had captured the essence of the session
in a most impactful way for her.

Shema as ‘Organizer’
Organizing comes very naturally, always looking for new better ways to
organize information, for easy access and retrieval, and greater outreach.
Examples of late, creating 55 Facebook Community Pages, on various topics,
so to better capture the varied posts of interest.
This website page lists all the Facebook pages.

Shema as ‘Writer’
Writing is what comes most easily.  There are times, when inspired writing just
flows with an ease and naturalness.  I could spend most my time writing,
organizing ideas, writing poetry, capturing inspired learnings and visionary ideas,
processing difficult times in reflective writing that flows from the heart.
This website page of my Blog captures some of my writing entries.

Shema as ‘Visionary mind behind Heart Plan Vision’
As a Human Design ‘Projector’ visionary ideas is one of the key aspects of my purpose. 
Hence the inspiration behind book idea. 
“Heart Plan Vision – 100 Projects for the Transformation of Planet Earth,
Possibility for the Transmutation of the Human Species”.
I’ve already done extensive research on the range of projects to identify and write about.
This website page are some beginning ideas sketching out design and topics for the book.

Shema as Dancer
A few decades performing regularly each year in community dance events,
and through the local college. 

Dance in the styles of jazz, modern, hip hop, African, and improvisational. 
Plans underway for uploading my video of an interpretive piece called “Tia”,
choreographed by Shema, it is
a dance piece done to the spoken word, on environmental issues.