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“Shema & HeartPlanVision,
You are a buffet of knowledge and sharing!
I appreciate you so much!”
–  Jcaloha Spirit



In March 2020 Heart Plan Vision turned our focus to the Covid SITUATION,
knowing there was a deep conspiracy underway. 

We currently have over 180 pages on various topics researching the Big Picture
on What is really going on with the Covid plan,
Censorship and People’s loss of freedoms,
especially threats to our medical freedoms,
and the ‘social credit control system’ under development.

Our page  RESEARCH SOURCES lists the links
to the Topics we are gathering research on

Just scroll down the page (Research Sources)
Scroll just a few paragraphs down

and the Index of Links to Covid related topic pages are listed

This Green Graphic on the page Research Sources helps guide you to the Index List

Covid Research List

These topic pages are all being posted in our BLOG Section

Note: We also have over 400 additional topic pages under development
This is quite the Big Picture & Connecting the Dots project underway
Stay tuned! 

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Our Active Links on a wide spectrum of Red Pill Topics
Are part of our effort to “Connect
The Dots”
So to more easily see the Bigger Picture

What is happening are not random events,
And our intention here is to show how things connect,
Link together, and are moving towards
the full control of humanity

And most importantly!
How we can stay free
There are many heroic efforts underway
We highlight them here

Our next phase is to take all our topic pages
Soon to be over 400 !

And combine them into 11 Overview Topics
The first Overview Topic begin organized is “Death by Covid Vax”

Death by Covid Vax An Overview
Currently this overview page has links to 20+ of our topic pages related to this issue

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The New One Percent

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Another excellent resource

Shema’s Telegram page
for uncensored news

Much of the research that eventually makes its way into our topic pages
Are first posted here on our Telegram channel.
Telegram is an App for your phone, and you can also then access it on your computer

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Your greatest path to self empowerment is to
Do your own research

Study and Become Aware

Hopefully our resources, and the research we offer here
Will help in your deep dive

Do not be duped

Duped:  “A person who is easily deceived or is used to carry out the designs of another”

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Too Busy to research in depth ??? 
Then may we suggest watching this powerful interview


This is about the End of Humanity, An Extinction Level Event

Being left with genetically altered humans
from mRNA gene therapy (the injections ! )
With ownership rights to these genetic human hybrids
No longer belonging the original human

Reiner Fuellmich Talks with Attorney Todd Callender
March 26 2022

Discusses the Marburg Virus contagiousness,
⁣⁣Extreme excess mortality among 18-40 year olds in the US military,
HIV is in the injections
5G as delivery mechanism

Essentially, everyone who has gotten the injection
(except for those who may have gotten a placebo injection)

Graphene is discussed at 46 min
A three fold purpose for having graphene in the injections
and then discusses Zombie Apocalypse
As specific genes are eliminated in the human,
the humans become zombie like

The goal of the boosters is to
totally destroy a persons immune system

At 37 min an even darker agenda is discussed on continual boosters
Regarding the plans of DARPA* and the new frontier of super soldiers
Listen to the interview to hear Attorney Todd Callender describe this

This is a MASTER PLAN that has been extraordinarily coordinated
from a legal perspective
from a funding perspective
from every government function you can imagine
including elimination of any constitutional or charter rights
That is by International Law
Look at the 2005 International Health Regulations

All this arises from Agenda 21
It’s 3 Goals
1 – Elimination of Private Property Rights – that’s Communism
2 – The elimination of country borders – to eliminate sovereignty
3 – Mass depopulation

All these are underway right now

At the very end of the interview the question is posed,
Can the toxins from the injections be flushed out of the body?
Solutions being researched are briefly mentioned. (**)

* DARPA: The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
is a research and development agency of the United States Department of Defense
responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

(**) Shema is endorsing the product, Nano Soma, as a health product with profound impact on stimulating the body to heal itself, and rid the body of toxins.   See our page with many resources on it.   Nano Soma Information

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