Smart Phones

Emmanuel Dagher

Smart Phones As Devices for Human Programming


Do Smart Phones Control and Program the Human Race with Artificial Intelligence?
Dec 19 2019  Cyrus Parsa – this is initial episode of an ongoing series.

“What is the relationship with the Artificial Narrow Intelligence systems in your smart phones, apps, and the human brain?
Does the AI system manipulate, control or reprogram peoples thoughts?
How does it relate to Neuralink, Elon Musk and Cybernetics?
Is the Human Race Controlled by AI?
If so what is the purpose to reprogram peoples thoughts, emotions, and neural networks?

This pilot episode does not use technical terms in a specific way,
as I attempt to describe a phenomena in a simple, yet bit by bit process.
This is our pilot episode, and we begin with smart phones and how it relates to AI.”

star with tail

May 2020 – the covid phone app

More to be shared here as the Phone App is unleashed
to track people tested for Covid, and more surveillance to come

People – you may want to consider,
in this brain washing scenario
This is leading to more and more
the public self policing each other,
and worse yet
People afraid of each other. 

It’s not too late to rethink what role you want to play in this Planned Demic. 
Remember Dr Fauci predicted in 2017 that there would be a surprise pandemic
during the current presidency.  How would he know that?  if it were not already being planned?

And what more is being planned?

star with tail