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COVID-19 Declared War on Humanity

Millions of lives have been lost, not due to a virus, but due to COVID-19 government policies and medical counter measures. Propaganda, policies and products have done irreparable harm to the nations of humanity, our communities, and our children.

No war in the history of mankind has produced the catastrophic level of lost lives, economic harm, and global destruction of freedom as the COVID-19 War on Humanity. It’s time we reunite and take down COVID-19.

STOP all COVID-19 emergency powers and financial funding
Ban and recall all COVID-19 products and technologies
Take down 5G

It’s Time We Reunite as Humanity and Take Down COVID-19

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Take Down COVID-19

The uncomfortable truth is that we all have been lied too and deeply betrayed by leaders we trust, and some we even adored. All offices of power across our nation; from our President and Federal Healthcare agencies to our local governors, mayors, city counsel members, and even our health care service providers, employers, and school boards members. If you’re questioning on how to know if a government, public official or even if your employer or school is an ally of the American people of our children, there is a simple challenge to give them;

Demand Local Officials Take Down COVID-19.

Call for governors, mayors, school boards, colleges and universities, health care officials, health care centers, businesses, and churches to;

Make a public declaration that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cause disease and death and must be banned and recalled immediately

Immediately STOP ALL COVID-19 testing, treatments and mRNA vaccines

REJECT and STOP ALL FUNDING for all COVID-19 programs

*CALL FOR GOVERNORS to CRIMINALIZE the promotion and administration of mRNA VACCINES

*Governors have the power to reject the HHS declaration that SARS-CoV-2 is a threat to public health and national security and to criminalize the use of all EUA designated COVID-19 products, tests, and mRNA vaccines. Demand that they do.

Mi Fight Covid19 Take Down