The Art of War 2020

Global Social Transformation

It’s time!
May 2020
Let’s Begin

The Art of War 2020
“Rapidity is the essence of war: take advantage of the enemy’s unreadiness,
make your way by unexpected routes, and attack unguarded spots.”


Jon Rappoport

The Tiger Analogy
The main tiger distracts the prey, and causes the prey to freeze in fear, while other tigers lurk in the shadows and come out and kill the prey, and then they all feast.

Yes, that is what is happening now.

The reference to the main tiger is corona – or covid as more are calling it –
as it is a military operation –

and THE TIGERS IN THE SHADOWS are 5G, forced mass vaccines, nano chips and digital currency, and ultimately AI taking over human consciousness – so who ever remains alive are slave cyborgs, after they do their planned de-population agenda.

The elites must be thrilled at how well so many have bought into the scam of the masks.

If we are not able to awaken our brothers and sisters to that scam, will we be able to awaken them to the evil behind the vaccine and beyond?

We must address the Fear Porn of the Mass Media.  But how?

Many believe we can shift the tide, that it is not too late.
But these next weeks and few months are so critical.

The elite have their “tigers in the shadows” well defined for them.
How about we define our tigers in the shadows well, for our counter attack.

Global Social Transformation

“To secure ourselves against defeat lies in our own hands, but the opportunity of defeating the enemy is provided by the enemy himself.”

-From the “Tactical Dispositions” chapter of The Art of War by Sun Tzu

Global Social Transformation

Here are some TACTICS

Our researchers in the field, who are researching the researchers.  Listen within the interviews for what ideas for solutions are being introduced.  Let us capture them here.
And build upon them.

Global Social Transformation

We Also Have This Page Under Development
Intelligent Revolt

Global Social Transformation

YouTube Censorship

Boycott Google, YouTube, Facebook for starters
Withdraw advertising support
Move to more democratic platforms

David Icke Censorship

Another YouTube censored channel underway
Kerry has been on YouTube for about 15 years and was one of their original directors
May 15 2020
YouTube about to lose a channel
With 66 million viewers worldwide
and 261,000 subscribers
Kerry has over 800 videos on YouTube
This is where she is at today, as she begins to deplatform
and seek our a more democratic video platform
Plus video has an interesting message to Trump and gang
We need some straight talk from you – show your true colors
Global Social Transformation
Coming to Terms There Is No Returning to the World We Knew Just a Few Months Ago
Stages of dying                                      Death and Dying Stages

From a Friend:
“I think I’m coming up on acceptance, which is what George Carlin said he did about the state of our culture. He said it freed him to speak the truth.  Thinking he’s spot on.  There is freedom in acceptance.”  May 2020

Global Social Transformation

Stargate Experience

Deep frequency uplifts like Stargate group – the 4 day free meditation.
Beautiful powerful energies from Mt Shasta Stargate Community
Global event, including 10 language translations
April 30 thru May 3 2020
Replays also available


Mass awakening through educating people – but needs to happen faster

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Building critical mass – building morphic field – so have people awaking all at once
ET Contact: The 1% Effect
Dr. Greer talks about the importance of mass consciousness and how 1% of conscious humans can transform the rest of the 99%.
Specific – watching this new film
Close Encounters of the 5th Kind: Contact, Consciousness, and the Human Future
Dr. Greer’s third film

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The New One Percent – A project Initiated from within Heart Plan Vision
inspired by Steven Greer’s message: ET Contact: The 1% Effect

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Law suits against lockdown and censoring on social media
London Real working on censoring lawsuit

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Independent platforms where information not censored
Bitchute, LondonReal new Freedom platform

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Letting our High Self, Guardian Angels know
we do not Consent to this takeover of humanity

Message to the Dark Controllers
We Do Not Consent
Laura Eisenhower

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Ask Angels for mega HELP every night before going to bed

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This is still not enough
Keep brainstorming

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Here’s more

“Keep sights on the importance of our Sovereignty
And keep grounded within ourselves
Do not become too stretched, stay calm.
For the final battle has not come yet.
Remember the cabal wants us divided and fractured.
The spiritual, free thinking people.
We must not be divided.
We must be quite clear and quite strong.
Vaccinations being called The Final Solution –

i.e. the final solution for ending humanity.
Do not take this threat lightly.
That is why we have to resist the vaccination totally.”

– Simon Parkes

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Have good solid stats to show on previous flus, pandemics, etc.
Show history of correlation to Electro smog and flu over the decades
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Stats on Masks are that masks are not effective
Do skits on YouTube videos –
man/woman on street asking people why they are wearing a mask

And counter the people’s answers with stats on masks
Does this help them begin to question why they are wearing their mask?
Anyone up for this creative “roving reporter” project?

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What will it take to shift the conversation with global masses
to take attention off of the main tiger,
and on to the tigers in the shadows?  Surely we can get creative on this!

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Imagine and Visualize Police Choosing to Actually ‘Stand Down’
(Stand Down = withdraw, relax or cause to relax after a state of readiness)

This is the Problem:  Good Cop Fired for Asking Fellow Cops to Respect the Rights of the People   May 11 2020
“….. Last week, TFTP brought you the story of Port of Seattle Police Officer Greg Anderson, who made a video calling out the bad cops throughout the country who are enforcing mandates in complete violation of the oaths they swore to uphold the Constitution. This put a target on his back and in the cross-hairs of authoritarians across the country. Now, proving the point that good cops are hard to find and the system is set up to purge them from the ranks, officer Anderson has been terminated.”

Global Social Transformation

Here is an example from Ellie in the UK May 2020 of Police fed up with rubbish

“Good to know some on ‘inside’ are feeling fed up and it is all rubbish. Police had a meeting and a majority refused to wear mask – citing scientific evidence to why they were not wearing masks.
That’s a massive achievement – by standing up for themselves they are also standing up for us.” at least in this small way.
In another video, Ellie speaks about a protest she attended in Scotland Yard. “She spoke with police. Some are refusing to ticket people.  Some know about 5G.  Some respect and understand the protest.  One even asked her if she knew that vaccines were basically poison. She high fived him!”  –  Ellie Grey

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Story of the Tiger – full tiger analogy at beginning of this page

Example:  when suggest to people – explaining how the main tiger works –
Sitting in front of it’s prey so that the prey freezes in fear and cannot think straight.
What are the responses –
And these are important to pay attention to
For we have to meet people where they are at

Global Social Transformation

Example – when suggest the ‘tigers in the shadows analogy’ to people
they respond saying we are focusing on paranoid things that won’t happen!
And they go right back to the scary Covid19 tiger

Global Social Transformation
When inviting them to future project…they can’t
Too paralyzed by the tiger in front of them.
Global Social Transformation
Ask question
What will they do next time flu or something goes around
Would they quarantine and wear face masks again?
They are unable to respond to that query. 
Global Social Transformation
Ask about the past, did they respond this extreme before, and if not, why not? 
No answer.
Global Social Transformation
Seeming unable to relate past actions and future actions to what is happening now.

They think this is scarier than anything before because that is what they were told,
even though the numbers are not there for it.
Global Social Transformation

Covid Testing & Say NO to Contact Tracing Mass Surveillance

Present stats on Testing – show what the tests are really about

What are Individuals Willing to Do as far as Educating people?

Let’s compare notes, what are we learning when we engage in conversations
around the larger agenda in the works, as we talk with others.
What can we draw from this input we get,
so to fine tune our communications and outreach.
The global elite make plans decades in advance.
We need to be able to have our own visions and strategies.
We need to be smart, intelligent, strategic …. and let’s not forget … loving!

For in the larger context, of ‘all is one’ – then in some cosmic sense
all that triggers us is basically our shadows within.  All of which, in its own way,
takes us down a whole other rabbit hole.  For now, let’s try not to get too heady,
and just remember to keep in touch with the heart within.  

Global Social Transformation

NO to Mass Vaccinations!

Vaccines Important Information – Our Resource Page

Focus on what we want to create and not what we want to get away from. 

And let us begin clarify a positive outcome – not against something.
But rather a healthy outcome.
Let us flush out specifics of this.
Freedom of choice.
Honestly and ethics in medicine.

Powerful questions.
What is the real truth behind drive for mass vaccinations.
That we have representatives that represent the people,
rather than their own self interests.
Love and respect for all individuals, and education for all,
so children are safe.  (i.e. end to sex trafficking)

When we identify a stressor, and something we do not want –
Let’s go deeper into what our concerns are, and find ways to reframe
Into imagined desired true best outcomes.
Respect for our differences, honoring all in their choices.
Making choices for the good of all, no harm.
Love and respect for nature.

Intend that the technologies to clean up the earth,
that they be available now.
Economic freedom for all, and respect for how others live their lives.
An abundance of time for everyone.
People being about to choose a balance of work and being.
Freedom on all fronts for people.

Health care and basic needs covered for all.
And people fully free to contribute to life in their desired ways.
Realistic change we can focus on what we can really energize right now.
Making things beautiful, rather than just functional.
Supporting everyone in their path of individual growth.

Clean water for everyone.
Safe technological systems.
Crops grown in healthy eco systems.
Holistic health care for all.
Healthy nutritious food for all.
Clean air for all.
Wonderful housing for all.

A ground swell of empowerment to create these visions.
What is possible with a simple realignment
With the benevolent intention of the people of earth. 

The belief system of humanity.
The more we believe something is possible,
the more likely we can create it. 

Example: with running the 4 min mile.
Once that was broken through and achieved …
It was now in the morphic field as a possiblity
And now 4 min mile is more easily achieved. 

What can you allow … for creation?
And these possibilities get put into the morphic field.
And then the people with skills and abilities to bring into reality
come forth to create these possibilities.

Creating a huge planting of seeds for the new future
What we wish to draw into our reality.


Global Social Transformation



Large crowds in Huntington Beach protest beach closures by California governor
May 1 2020

Global Social Transformation

Dealing with Assassinations of Whistleblowers

Pittsburgh researcher ‘on the verge of’ coronavirus discovery killed by murder-suicide
May 6 2020 – Here is a little comment exchange with another after seeing this headline
J:  “I wonder if they were on the verge of discovering something others didn’t want getting out. Kinda like Epstein truly hung himself.”
That was my first thought, surely has the signs – this has long seemed to me, our deepest challenge – that THEY get to our whistleblowers and take them out, before good traction can be built on our part.  Especially the lone gun man theory and then the lone gunman gets taken out. – JFK etc.

Global Social Transformation

Videos to Reference

The Greatest Cover Up
5G Coronavirus and what they are really doing to us.

Global Social Transformation
AI:  The Plan To Invade Humanity – documentary by Cyrus A. Parsa
“Help support Cyrus’ efforts and mission to protect humanity from the misuse of AI Bio-Tech. This project was done with altruism, and if understood, many lives around the world, will be saved from nation state conflicts, and other bio-tech misuse by irresponsible people.”
Cyrus, as a premier expert on AI, is asking for support to get this information in front of President Trump.
Global Social Transformation

Pandemic control

Pandemic Research