The Book

Global Social Transformation

Heart Plan Vision has a book in the works

We shall be exploring “Visions for a Heart Centered World”


Our most recent Research endeavor is at this page
A Pictorial Glimpse At Our Times


We invite you also to visit our page
Fundraising for the Book

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Wish List of Collaborations


On this page we are sharing first draft chapter concepts originally posted in a Facebook Album
Visions for a Heart Centered World

Over time we will be sharing the first draft chapters’ details here too
As the Facebook page also explores more in depth
the concepts highlighted here in the summary info graphics

By clicking on each graphic you will be taken to the individual Facebook page
That has more detail on initial ideas on each project


Additionally, links below will take you to Pages within this HeartPlanVision website
where Ideas are being expanded upon, to be later included in this book

Projects In Design

Electro Regenerative Technology


Last year (2018) Shema experienced a radical PAUSE in the writing of this book, as the home she was living in and doing her writing burned down
The Carr Fire (this is link to journal of that time)


Here are the first draft chapter concepts originally posted in Facebook Album
Visions for a Heart Centered World


Additionally, we have a Blog Post on Grass Roots Parties Politics
Where we expand on Organizational Ideas for people empowerment and engagement in Voting Rights



Possible ways to develop each chapter for refining a Radical (root) Project

Within each Project “idea”  – let us gather together 10 active examples
of projects and activities currently underway.

Lay out all the 10 ideas and “sit with them”.  Pray.  and ASK
how best could this topic become one of the 111 Radical Projects for Heart Plan Vision?
And see what ideas start arising

Produce the book in 10 Projects Chapters – we are developing 10 key main categories
Post on Blogs and Forums and seek input from people on how Book Idea is coming along

Especially once the first book is published of the first 10 Radical Projects
This will especially be a good time to start posting about the book on Forums and Blogs
And also begin exploring tele-summits on these topics

The first view of the book – 10 main categories and one project under each category
and list how each project has the potential to meet the requirements for a radical root cure project

Another idea – screenshots of projects identified on social media   – such as this

Do a pictorial book of a collection of these types of visual impressions
Allowing, at a glance, a vision of the world at large, and possible world futures.
Show this pictorial to publishers and potential funders.
And get input from students and mentors.