The Deepest Healing Path

The Gateway

Most true thing I’ve read in a while
And deep prayers for those, similar to me,
where family members just left us to hang out to waste away.

We are the problem children.
The elephant in the living room.
The secret and the shame no one dares speak of.

All the while being told
Why don’t you just get on with your life.

The rage and grief inside boils and overflows

And we wonder why this planetary world system

I don’t want to hear one more
spiritual by-pass
be all you can be

The time is now

Get real
BE bold
BE authentic
BE your worst self

Yes I said that
Your very worst self

Within the container
the intention
To heal within

I don’t mean lash out
on society, racism
or self hate or self harm

I mean go deep within
Be the warrior for yourself

Hit that bottom
That dark night of the soul

That bitter agony of suffering
Let the rage scream out
Open the flood gates of the tears

Only then
and then only

Will authentic truth
Begin to bubble up

We are so afraid
Of these dark emotions

And so cancers rage
Illness abounds

And it is all normalized

This level of depth
This wretched raw

Is it not
but the
deepest of
self love

How more real and loving can one be
than to truly be present and honor
the grief

Don’t stop there!

Take a step further
Just one step further

Into Imaginings
Of Hopes
Of believed in Miracles!

Where there are others
Courageous enough
Spacious enough

To be able to hold
This container
Of your rawness
Your beauty
This deeply tender vulnerable beauty

And be your witness
Not afraid of what is arising
Rather in awe
And celebartion

And in that

Could that BE

WE meet
and heal

Dream on
This dream

It can Be
It truly can be

— Shema Satya
July 19 2019

A post note

Our healing does not end here
BUT it is important not to skip over the healing.

And when the healing is well underway

Then a song like “Hall of Fame” (see link below)
has substance, and can take root into ourselves

with a sense of CONGRUENCE within.

Where now we truly believe in ourselves!
And know we are a champion.

Just don’t spiritual by-pass before hand. please

How will you know the difference?
For me
I can feel it
When, in lyrics like these
I can also feel love and abundance for all

Instead of coming from a type of
Me against the world
And world
I’ll prove you wrong
And prove me a champion

We are all champions

And we find that through forgiveness
And liberating ourselves from our prisons within

Link to song and lyrics that is in one of Shema’s Albums

Fast forward song to 30 second mark where song actually starts

The Script * The Hall of Fame * inspired song YouTube link

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