The Future Human and AI

Global Social Transformation

The Future Human – A Response to AI (Artificial Intelligence)

Explorations into the miracle of human consciousness
and the 50 trillion cells in our body.

We have an entire universe inside of ourselves!

We have all we need to activate within ourselves our full potentiality.
This also gives rise to hope that we can use our intelligence
to keep AI (Artificial Intelligence) restrained.

Global Social Transformation

Here we explore different perspectives on this topic of great importance.

One source of valuable inspiration has come from the collaborative
programs Humanity’s Team has produced.  Listed below

Humanity’s Team Program:  The Science of Self-Empowerment
Cellular Consciousness, Heart Intelligence, and the Untold Human Story
Bruce Lipton
Gregg Braden
Heart Math

Technology, Consciousness & Evolution – produced by Humanity’s Team
Unleash the Power of Your Extraordinary Human Potential
An 8-Week Masterclass held in April May 2020
The intro videos are here in YouTube as replays – hoping they stay active

Gregg Braden
Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.

Lynne McTaggart

Humanitys Team Vision is that of being a Global Conscious Community
Devoted to creating planetary awakening and flourishing in our lives, homes, and communities in the world.

Global Social Transformation

Here are some highlights from the Humanity’s Team Program
Technology, Consciousness & Evolution – April 2020

This program is the first Shema has noticed that gives hope to addressing the concerns with AI (Artificial Intelligence).  We begin an exploration here of the vast potentials in human evolution and human consciousness.

The notes below come from the introductory videos for the program.

Global Social Transformation

Bruce Lipton – Technology, Consciousness & Evolution
We are master of our genes.
The whole health care system crisis could end tomorrow.
The old Darwinian theory – life is a struggle – is outdated. 
No longer true that evolution is accidental.
Evolution is actually adaptive, adjusting to our needs.
Our disconnection from nature is now causing the 6th Great Extinction.
This extinction is due to human behavior.
We have trampled nature and fought extensively.
We are not meant to dominate and control nature.
Example: a garden expresses the height of cooperation.
The way out is through unity and oneness.

We need to reinstall these 4 beliefs
Universe is Energy
We control our Genes
We are not here by accident
Cooperation is key

Pay attention to what signals we are putting into our mind
The brain is a computer – an interface between our consciousness and our body
What we observe in the world is downloaded to our brain

It is NOT true that genes control our characteristics
The environment and organisms interact and our nervous system develops

Bruce gives an amazing developmental sequence of evolution
Bacteria develop into most intelligent bacteria
Intelligent bacteria then develop intelligent community of bacteria

Out of which comes amoeba
Smartest amoeba become intelligent community of amoeba

Smartest community of amoeba become humans
Smartest humans become intelligent community of humans

Now we are humanity
Each one of us are cells in the same body of humanity
Creating a whole new community of humanity

In summary – the new emerging story is in phases
Bacteria to Amoeba
Amoeba to Human
Human to Humanity Community

Humans are now developmentally in the caterpillar stage
In this stage there is breakdown of structure
The caterpillar has a voracious appetite

Look at humanity and civilization at this stage of breakdown
Similar to the caterpillar voraciously eating itself

We are in breakdown and our way of living is no longer sustainable

At this stage of the caterpillar breakdown – cells start to reorganize

From Scientific American:  One day, the caterpillar stops eating,
hangs upside down from a twig or leaf and spins itself a silky cocoon
or molts into a shiny chrysalis.
Within its protective casing, the caterpillar radically transforms its body,
eventually emerging as a butterfly or moth

Humanity is now in the chrysalis stage
We are here to enhance civilization
Before this can be achieved
The system must breakdown

During this breakdown
We focus on building a new civilization

There is hope this time in the history of humanity
Due to fact of our access to Global Communication
and how Interconnected we are around the world

Chaos is required during this time
We are on a crash course of destruction
While building a new civilization

We could use this time to CELEBRATE
For during this breakdown
We are now creating heaven on earth
With the possibility of birthing our own version
Of being a butterfly
Shema notes from Bruce Lipton video

Global Social Transformation


We also wish to Celebrate the Amazing work of the Bioneers Community

Global Social Transformation

“Breakthrough Solutions for People and Planet”

Global Social Transformation